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  1. My version was sent... IN GIF! My PDN file wont open and i accedently saved it as a pdn and a GIF. Not png this sucks!
  2. Well because my Paint.Net file wont open, and I accedently saved this as gif Ill have to send this in. Please exuse me from the bad pixels
  3. 1) Why not if I may ask 2) Can you restate the comment in a diffrent way? 3)I like yours except the nav button to me is not easey on the eyes
  4. Heres my entry This is at 92% Suggestions. Ps. I was accedently logged in my brothers account... (Jerkfight) so i posted it in the wrong account. I know you probally don't beleive me and all but oh well! Pss. Im new here too so i didnt know if it was one account per houshold.
  5. Makes me think of A jerk i beat up in junoir high... 7.3/10
  6. My first post here and here are my sig an avatar