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  1. Good luck ^_^ im trying to get to the insane crazy level of some of these guys as well haha.
  2. Haha, not bad. Waves are fun to make =-P my favorite at the moment ^_^ pretty good too
  3. lol aight, my bad haha. i think ill check mine just incase...
  4. Just something ive been messing with. Hope you guys like them.
  5. This program has got to be one of the best uses of my time haha. I really need to learn to use this program to the fullest.
  6. Can i ask about fonts too? Cause i need help with those as well. I'm trying to do Drakaans tut on his avitar. And trying to get the space age text. I should save fonts in File types correct?
  7. Wow, there was an effects folder there the whole time... now i really feel stupid
  8. Hmmm... alrighty. Where ever it is just add a folder. Now i feel stupid =D Thanks guys.
  9. Ok, but it didnt install inside a folder, it was just dumped into the D: drive. will this affect anything? or do i just add an effects folder inside the D: drive and Paint.NET will find it?
  10. This should not have been necessary. Make sure the feather.dll file is downloaded to the C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects folder. You can't just make an Effects folder somewhere on your computer and expect Paint.NET to know where it is located. OH! I'm such an idiot! I wasn't saving it to my Program Files... I get it now, thanks!xD Ok, so i get what u guys are saying about the folders and what not but when i installed PND it all went into my D drive. Should I move everything into a new folder and then add effects folder and everything else there? Or what? And yes, im new at this haha