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  1. Great tut. And ditto to the feathering suggestion, makes things look a lot better.
  2. Great, great, great tut. I added a bit of a glow on mine as if the sun was shining on it (at least I hope).
  3. Closest I could get to anything passable, I finally ended up turning the whole thing B&W after using the above method. Thanks!!!
  4. Eright, here's the dilemma. I'm trying to crop this little girl out of her background. Is there any way to get all of the green out of the indivdual strands of hair without having to go through and delete it all. Also, I tried boltbait's primary stripper plug-in, but it doesn't work for what I need, it just makes the whole image semi-transparent (great plug though). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  5. Oh, I have no idea, I this is only my 3rd post. I figured this would be pretty general discussion wise. Lo siento.
  6. LOL, made me laugh. Great site by the way. I only recently learned about Paint.net and am still learning the ins and outs of this incredible program. Thanks for the link!
  7. To all involved...bravo, this is without a doubt the best free program I have ever downloaded. I love it!!! Again, thank you so much.
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