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  1. I was making such a userbars.. I know i haven't used the right font. But i'm just trying things out.
  2. does anybody know how? i tried to use the search tool, but i couldn't find anything.
  3. Does anybody how to make a broken heart with Paint.Net??
  4. I made this... But i don't think it's accurate..
  5. Does someone know how to create that. You know a few pics in a row with the white borders?
  6. I like it. It's funny. Looks cute. I'll give it an 7/10. Btw, i know mine's [of poor quality]... Edit by CMD: Censor'd
  7. You? I thought i heard Najib Amhali say this a few years ago. Only in dutch...
  8. I was messing around with a pic of me.. and this is the result..
  9. My second try.. which one is better?
  10. That's a risk i'm willing to take.
  11. my favorite quotes/sayings: "It's better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees" & "If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger"
  12. I was bored, so here's another picture of me...
  13. It's a mixed breed, i'm not even sure from what... But yeah, she's really sweet. You can borrow her though.
  14. My first exploding planet. Not as great as some on here, but yeah...
  15. My first try. I know it sucks, but don't blame me. lol.
  16. It was the tutorial that had something to do about a grunge effect or something.
  17. I used one of the tutorials. I'm not completely sure which one. But thank you. :]
  18. Is it possible to remove text from an image? Like in the picture below. I wanna remove the word "Allison"
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