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  1. its from a game called Live For Speed, its the front of the XRT with a skin i made, and yours is cool too i like it a lot gives me inspiration
  2. Thanks, i didnt know that ment what i was looking for lol Thanks
  3. Ok i want to update to 3.10, ive been usin 3.01 and when i try to update it says i cant install is due to somethin in the windows installer, can i have some help please i want to get this to work i need the update
  4. I made a new fictonal Live For Speed Tuning Company, Urban BAttle Inc, and i made a new logo for it. I know some of the Shadows are cut off, i being a noob cut them aff some how when makin it and bobofthedead, that Sig is awesome ! how did you make it ?
  5. Ive tried to update PDN to 3.08, and when i do i get almost all the way done, and it says theresa error with my windows extractor, idk its all confusing, but anyway, if someone can help me, i'll post a pic EDIT, Duh that was stupid, thanks for moving it.
  6. Wow 0.o Nice job, and Buzzkill i think you spelled HASMAT Wrong, i think its S, idk but anyway nice job Jake2k You should make a tut on choppin, i've wanted to learn how in PDN
  7. o.0 Wow Really Nice Buzzkill, looks cool http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a83/Ep ... Poster.jpg I made that skin on the car and the poster its self, hows it look ? and Buzz kill. if you go on dafont.com, and search for Epoxy History, yuo'll see the font that i used for my poster, idk if you like it but it will look cool on ya sig.
  8. http://www.frozentoy.com/blog/cute.jpg Im Being Noobish Today seems like =/ anyway lol theres the sig and the link to the pic i used. I had no idea what to do so i used this. =|
  9. http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthr ... ?t=1151725 Thats the Tut, but i have no idea how to equal this into PDN
  10. Hello im new here but i've been using Paint.net for a while now and i love it. I want to learn how to make a cars character, but i cant find any tuts, i found one for photoshop but i cant figure out how to get it to work in PDN, could someone make a tut for Cars Characters for Paint. net ?
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