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  1. Yes, it's this and also "Error. Saving shape3d data" when I try to save. If I look where I saved the file, the file exists but I can't load it. I also tried to load a file saved on the other PC (where everything is working fine) but I've got the same error.
  2. The error is in the load and save of the XML files. I have paintnet 3.08 .net Framework 2.0 Windows XP (with all the automatic updates available)
  3. Don't mind it's just an Italian forum where we write about boardgames. I've found the way to add the picture here: By the way, I have a small problem with the save and load option. I can save and load the .xml file on my PC at work, but I get an error message on my PC at home. So it seems that something is wrong depending on the configuration of the PC where the plugin is installed.
  4. I found this plugin very usefull for creating 3D images of boardgame boxes. Althought I have no graphical skill at all, the final result is always great. If you like, you can have a look at an italian forum where I have just uploaded a preview of a new box made with the help of Shape 3D plugin. It's likely that you won't be able to understand the text, but the picture is woth a look. http://forum.egcommunity.it/showthread.php?t=24208
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