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  1. Well to be honest, what I was really hoping for was a way to use an image that has already been created and have the plug-in affect that. Not a texture per say, but like the "Fire!" plugin (not "flames", but "fire!"...) or the "majority" one. Either way, thanks for the tut though! I guess I could always work with layers and importing pictures to try to get it... Gracias.
  2. Sorry to ask, but I searched the forums (Using the search tool) and it doesn't seem like anyone has asked this before, but I recently came across a plug-in for Photoshop that is designed to achieve the "kirby dots" effect (Click Here to see the plugin page and some examples of the effect I'm talking about) and I thought it was a pretty cool visual effect. I was wondering if anyone has created a similar plug-in for Paint.net, and maybe just named it differently? Alternatively, does anyone have any idea as to a reliable way to create this effect without a plug-in? EDIT: And, well, if it doesn't exist as a plug-in yet, I guess this could also be a plug-in request too. I'm pretty sure someone out there could get some use out of it other than I...
  3. 8.5/10 I like the coloring (I'm partial to brownish color themes for some reason)
  4. Civil War - Guns N' Roses Next up, Back in Black - AC/DC
  5. Yup, done using uhh...Ash, I think...'s eye tut. The other stuff came from the way I do nebulae (which that idea came from Crimson Dark's creator's photoshop tut for nebulae) It's an eye looking into the sky (oooh, metaphorical) Anyways, that's not for this topic Sweet avy, I love the display-case style stuff. I tried making a few, but they generally require pluigins that are memory-intensive, and I only have 256 megs of ram. :evil: :shock: :evil: 9.5/10
  6. That's better, but it's still kind-of hard to see that it's ON her...possibly because of the weird perspective, and the unusual placement of the tattoo. Normally, words like that would be straight across the chest (and not on a woman's breasts, either, normally it's higher up) and the fact that it is neither straight up (90 degree angle) nor straight across (180 degree angle) make it hard to see, especially with the camera perspective. Y'know, if you HAVE to have it on her breast, why not have it straight across, curving with 'em? That'd look like it fit the body better, and would be easier to identify as a tattoo. (Course I still say it wouldn't make sense for a woman...hell, anybody to get a tattoo that low on their chest...pain, much?) EDIT: I tried saying that without sounding too awkward, or coming across as a weirdo (I don't think I am). Did I succeed? :?
  7. 9/10, I like the colors, and it feels like it's trying to pull me into some alternate universe (hopefully one without a research paper/final exam today)
  8. I think what he was saying, Namore, was that the text on her chest does not flow with her body. It looks like it's not on her, it looks like it doesn't mold her shape. Now, I have no idea how to make it do that (some distortion effect...displacement, maybe?) Maybe do something with the individual letters so that they're not all in one ruler-straight line. That said, it's some interesting make-up you've got 'er in OK, so I tried my hand at photo manip again, using a tut for pencil sketches: http://matoyak.deviantart.com/art/Slash-Pencil-Blur-95356972 Can anyone tell me how y'all do those thumbnails that link to the deviantART page? I found my source using the Flikr "Creative Commons + Images to manipulate" search, so it should be OK for me to manip this. (Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emtec/541547438/ ) This was an attempt to use BoltBait's pencil sketch tut (located here: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24875&st=0&sk=t&sd=a )
  9. Wait, are you still in Jr high? Only reason I ask is that the last time I remember going over stars and suchlike was 6th grade (a while back for me...)and you beat me to the explanation. Anyways, pretty cool pic dude/dudette. I attempted something similar, but got distracted and came up with some acidic looking metal...o_O? I also got an umbrella! Just finished middle school. We learned astronomy and such in 8th grade. Going into high school in a week. Ah, nice...BTW, you come off as being much older than that. High school's fun until your Junior year, if you take the honors classes. Then it's a b***h. Anyways, have fun with it...and don't let the seniors get to ya
  10. Depends. When looking for stock images, you have to make sure that the picture is properly licensed. Specifically, you can only use pictures licensed under Creative Commons, and ones that do not have the No Derivatives attribute. Make sure to look for other attributes of the CC license, such as attribution (citing), share alike (licensing your derivative under the same license), et cetera. All images under copyright can NOT be used. How do you know if it is licensed under creative commons, and whether it's copyrighted or not? i always thought that the only copyrighted ones were the ones with the watermarks on 'em. Also, nice hand.
  11. Still where? 6th grade? Anyways, how'd you do the texture? Clouds? And the crackling part, you don't have any idea what caused that? it's a pretty cool effect.
  12. Wait, are you still in Jr high? Only reason I ask is that the last time I remember going over stars and suchlike was 6th grade (a while back for me...)and you beat me to the explanation. Anyways, pretty cool pic dude/dudette. I attempted something similar, but got distracted and came up with some acidic looking metal...o_O? I also got an umbrella!
  13. Lol, I realized that you posted right before I posted those...no, no they were not. I love GNR, have since my step-dad introduced them to me a long while back. They're what got me into rock n roll, rock, metal, classic rock, etc. Slash is one of the legends that inspired me to pick up guitar, him, Tommy Shaw, and JY Young. That said, I feel I didn't do the man justice with those photo manips...
  14. I tried a few (simple) image manips of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, ever. In fact, they're so simple they're boring, but if I do anything else to them they become too busy. Any suggestions? I mean, I'll just be using these as myspace avys but hey, might as well make 'em decent, if only for PdN's sake. As a side-note, these are my first ever photo manip attempts. Also note that there's so little done to the pics that in thumbnail form, it looks the same as the original pic. Also...I have no idea how to make deviantART put thumbnailed links...so I'm just going to copy image location, put image tags around it...sorry, if someone could help, it'll make it easier on y'all's eyes, lol. I can't decide whether I like text or not,...but I'm only going to post the non-text one. This one...took less time than the other. Meh. Looks like I took the pic and zoom blurred it. I did not...bleh. Here's my sources: Source 1 Source 2 EDIT: You could say "Chest area" EDIT EDIT: Well...someone just told me that my maniping these images is illegal, even with citing my sources. Could someone confirm or disprove this for me? :?
  15. Thanks for the link...I'll take notes on the coloring, but that's about all I can do, as I'm not that great at photoshop tut converts, and I can't afford to buy photoshop (wish I could...there's a few PS tools I'd like to get my hands on...) EDIT: That's not saying I won't try to do a tut convert...later, once I'm better with PdN. And I'll fail. But I'll learn something, so it most likely will not be a complete fail
  16. I love those "photoshop-esque" ones, and I love the tennis ones (Tennis is my favorite sport). I tried doing one in a "Sin-City" color style (as in, mostly grayscale with splotches of color), and I failed. Then, messing around, I came up with this: I think I sorta got the color style, not totally sin-city, but meh. Whaddy'all think? (of how well I did on the color scheme and of the avatar itself?) And I have no idea what I'll do to make a sig that stays with the theme of this one o_O. EDIT: No, I did not use the clouds rendering plugin.
  17. My school computers allow the pasting of the paint.net program file, unfortunately, they do not have .net framework. bah. And I'm too lazy to download the installer for that onto my flashdrive until I absolutely need a Graphics program at school that I know how to use for something...they have Photoshop CS2, but I have no idea how to use that...they also have Macromedia Fireworks (and eys, I mean Macromedia...it still says Macromedia in the file and everything, as opposed to Adobe...)
  18. Awh, man...so is it in the "not gunna happen ever" list, or the "not gunna happen until like version 10.xx" list? And I was about to make a topic about this, as the idea came to me when I realized I would like to undo something I did after I saved and closed the program...
  19. The colour of the dots is determined by your original image, its kinda like pixellate except with dots instead of squares. So basically, use the "Hue/Sat", "Curves/Curves+", or "Color Balance" Adjustments to changificate the color of the dots...?
  20. Well I'll be d@mned...I really didn't expect that to work, but I figured some advice is better than none at all. Well...you're welcome then, glad I could be of service. (Now for payment...mad art skillz file transfer? open doc "crimson art skillz" ---> Ctrl+c ---> open doc "mato's brain" ---> ctrl+v lol)
  21. What browser do you use? If you use firefox (version 3), you might wanna go to view > zoom > reset...that Miiiigiht help....
  22. I hate my $%^&ing internet and computer. My firefox locked up as I was scrolling up to click on LFC's bubble thingy, and I somehow managed to click on another bubble and submit it. I still have no idea how I managed that...Might've been randomly clicking out of frustration at my internet/computer (I'm building a new one as we speak...God I hate having only 256 megs ram ) Totally sorry about the misvote.
  23. New Sig (will be making a matching avatar soon) Anny suggestions for the sig, or the soon-to-be avatar?
  24. Like I said, I've downloaded all the plugin updates, and that's the message I'm getting. I'll try once more, though.
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