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  1. Maybe there is another layer on top of the one you are writing on?
  2. When I registered I didn't think that I would actually be posting. I was planning on only reading the forums. So I just picked the first thing that came into my mind. It's stupid and I hate it. (On these boards do we have the option of changing the username?)
  3. Won't work on PdN. The keyboard shortcuts apply to other things. That's weird.It works for me.
  4. There is no 'trace tool' in paint.net. So you either do it this way viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841 and then just put it on your new background. Or you use the eraser tool and erase everything you don't need in the picture and then just add your new background (import from file, then move that layer down under the other one). I hope this makes sense. You could use the lasso but it's easy to mess up that way.
  5. Wow. I feel really old now. I didn't realize how many young people were here. I feel 19. Does that count? I'm 29 by the way.
  6. So everything is ok? I can use it and noone will yell at me for using the wrong version when I have a question? How do I know when I have to update/do anything? And thank you for responding so quickly. I appreciate it.
  7. I tried to open a picture and there was a box that said something about a new version being available and if I want to update now. I clicked ok to whatever the next questions were and it seemed that it went alright, but it didn't.Nothing had changed. So I went to 'www.getpaint.net' and followed the instructions to download paint.netv3.10. When it was finished I went to it and clicked all the 'ok's' to install it. I think it even said 'installation successful'. But when I open it now it says 'this is a pre release version...' What did I do wrong? Please someone explain to me in as many steps as posssible what I have to do. ps. I tried 'search' to see if something about this was already posted but didn't find anything.
  8. The one I have right now is my first sig ever. I made it (and the avatar) last night while I was tired. I will have to think of something more...original.
  9. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... ht=feather see if this helps.
  10. OMG. Your poor eyes. I hope You can recover. So I'll stick with the spirit of rule 1 and stop shouting.
  11. That is a good idea. I still can't do it while I'm making the changes and have to 'check' how it looks...But it helps. Thanks.
  12. I probably would have found out by now if it were possible but I'll ask anyway to make sure. Is there any way You can hide the 'selection line' ? If You for example have an area of a photograph selected and want to make color adjustments to it the line is in the way. You can't really exactly see how the 'transition' looks. I hope You know what I mean.
  13. I'm from Stuttgart. Well,really Remseck (20 minutes or so from Stuttgart) ps. Wow.I just checked out the map.That is pretty close. But I have never been to Heroldstatt. What a coincidence.
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