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  1. Ive been told numerous times but none of it seems just right Im looking to do lines and dots for aging a picture (example:) I'd like to see various people's options on how to use it. Thanks
  2. Thanks!! SOO MUCh That would have helped a lot when I did my history project that was worth half my grade but THANKS!!
  3. I was told I could do this with this program (THE TEXT BOX FADING) For example... How do I do this. I dont think gradient can do this. Thanks
  4. I usually leave it on all the time but since this was happening Ive been putting it to sleep at night (literally) Im going to try this again tonight!
  5. I got to step 2 and its saving now So Im going to keep playing around with it for a while to see if it still works Thanks for your help!
  6. Dell Dimension DXP061 IntelĀ® Core 2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz 1.86 GHz, 2.00GB of RAM Physical Address Extension thats it Im going to try the directions above if it doesnt work i'll let you know! Thanks! :-)
  7. Where can I find the CPU information? I dont recieve a crash log Okay I do everything I want in PDN Then I go to save and I click save and it freezes Thats basically it I figured something out If I open power point once im done and ready to save in PDN then I click the Print Screen button and copy that in to PPT then go back to PDN - SOMETIMES it lets me save.
  8. 2.00GB of Ram I dont restart my computer that often. I usually leave it up and running. But recently after this has been happening I have been restarting my computer.
  9. Thank you! Sorry for this... Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2 do you need the huge long letters and numbers? and the thing that was Dell Dimension and a bunch of letters? sorry lol Thanks So Much for your help! I love technology but I wish It would work. I use it for my church services on Sundays (but I create them on Saturdays) so if you could help asap it would be great. Thanks So Much for any help in advanced!
  10. Well can you tell where I can find them?Thanks
  11. Im really sorry, I dont know where to find all of that stuff.... um... I have a Windows XP XPS Media Center Edition?
  12. Hi, Paint.net wont let me save anything. It freezes up and wont respond. Is there anything I can do. Ive tried restarting my computer .... everything!
  13. Thanks its windsong -from dafonts.com -I think I got this now. Thank you! Im using it to put over my church's cross for this Sunday's serman. thanks!!
  14. Is this what you mean by transparent? By xalexx543x Also how do you lower the opacity?
  15. Thanks...but one thing... im really confused! lol Can you make it any simpler? Like explain it better, Im lost. And today if you could cause Its for this Sunday's church service. Thanks A Bunch! I actually made this (the example I showed you) but I forget how I did it! :-(
  16. Ive tried that its not really what I was looking for. Something like this....
  17. Hi, Im looking for how to make light rays for my church cross. I figured everything out and modeled the cross with dots (where the light rays are). I can do this - but I just need to know how. Ive done it on Radial Blur but thats not what Im looking for (its bending the ray) If anyone can help it would be great this is where I am now... Someone please help Thanks!
  18. Thanks so much that helped with the idea I was looking for!
  19. Can someone help me or possible make this for me? Im looking for curtains for my website (well the main page image) and im looking for something like this.... But with the space in the middle (the stage) much bigger and maybe a light ray shining down in the middle. If anyone could help or possible make this it would be great. Thanks soo much!!
  20. I had some trouble but I got through it, I flattened it by mistake but could re-do it... Here is what I made for one of my Wicked (the broadway musical) forums..
  21. Thank you for all of your help. I found use of the alpha mask tool! :-)
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