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  1. Yea that was my bad they were accidentally deleted as i was doing some clean up.
  2. No I used the film plug-in a lot with some color balance, then used soften portrate, and some curves+. like I said there retouches done some friends, Not relay original ideas.
  3. Ok here are a few photos that i have reworked for friends. Original Reworked Original Reworked Original Reworked Original Reworked And yea i know some of the eyes need work and im working on furthering my skills on them. Hope you liked them.
  4. Heres one I made of my buddy its I tried to make him look like a comic book character. Dont worry these guns are fake. The Original After
  5. i like it its creative... and destructive. plus the hand drawn look is nice. so i give it a 9.5/10
  6. ok here we go... ___ ___ here is a version of my new sig. ____ and here it is with some animation
  7. Heres a bad pic of me. And heres me geting ready for a big game. Dont be allarmed they are only airsoft guns. They do not shoot real ammo only bb's
  8. First Name: Andrew Location: Virginia, Usa Age: 17 Occupation: EMT / Firefighter, Airsoft Team Owner Hobbies: Airsoft, Video Games, And Cooking Favorite games: Battlefield 2 and TES 4 Oblivion Favorite movies: Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan Favorite television series: Dog The Bounty Hunter Favorite band, song and music genre: Demon Hunter, "Ribcage", Heavy Metal/ Christian Heavy Rock What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? Airsoft If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? Iraq. Cause Im here to serve my country and protect it. I know others may not agree with what i belive. But I live for the code "GOD, CORPS, COUNTRY" . Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: 8) "EVERY MAN AND WOMAN WHO SERVES THIS GREAT COUNTRY" 8) [/b]
  9. Hey Everyone im new here and ive only had this program for 2 days now. I run a airsoft team and we want to look real good. So i made a couple of pics for our team. And im open to all suggestions on these pics. Any advice helps. Our Main Logo... Other Main Logo... Main AFAU Logo... 2nd AFAU Logo... And Our NAU Logo... Ill add more as soon as i make them. THANKS FOR LOOKING AT THIS POST.
  10. hey man nice tutorial. very well done. heres my attempt. and after editing it for my airsoft team. my first attempt. and after editing the AFAU Stands for Air Force Airsoft Unit
  11. Mine was inspired from me being a true INFIDEL :twisted: and BF2142.
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