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  1. alright but what does this have to do with the commercial and wireless controllers?
  2. haha yeah it sounded stupid at the moment so i took it off. but yeah the cake is not a lie. its chocolate with strawberries on it. lol @ the cord idea.
  3. I was planning on doing a few of these billboard things but I never got around to it. If anyone wants the few ideas I throw out go for it. Well it seems some of the newer billboards are digital and Im assuming less hassle free. (thats why they invented them of course) so i was thinking about making one with the BSOD on it, yeah funny ..err well i think so. And assuming everyone here plays video games now and then, and if you managed a billboard size tv, why wouldnt you want to hook up your xbox 360 to it and play sum good ol halo 3. i was going to get a screen shot of halo being played on 4 pl
  4. This is for the newer people... To make it exactly equal be sure to count pixels and to get straight lines hold shift and maneuver line tool while in use. haha, someone should combine this with the pool stick tut. and make a liquorish pool stick
  5. anyways this isnt really tech support, some may believe it is, but really to the naked eye its a man crying out for help. im looking for a certain something to skin my task bar, ive tryed a few things like WbIlNiDnOdWs and ObBaJrECT. but they seem to apply skins to the whole dealy, and i just want the taskbar dealy skinned with my custom pix i made on Paint.net . is there anyone that can direct me to the dealy.
  6. hard to tell, the last couple games for the giants they had an amazing amount of luck not getting any penalty flags, and the patriots are just flawless. idc really who wins but w/e ide pick giants cuz there the underdogs. im a philly fan.
  7. i believe its the giants and patriots
  8. i dont understand? this is "The Overflow. Talk about other stuff in here." ?? im using paint.net to use make the skin?
  9. hey im trying to find a program that lets you skin your own windows xp taskbar/start button. i know most of you are prolly using vista and have the luxury of changing everything to black. ive tryed "window blinds", "object bar", and numerous other programs (mostly stardock progs.) that change everything on your desktop like background, system sounds, i just want to change the task bar. i know theres got to be one out there some where.
  10. thats pretty cool how you split up the pictures and made them links. so far 10/10...o wait thats the vista start button... 2/10....lol jp jp thats awesome 9/10!
  11. Yup. Used as a rememberance symbol to represent that after a certain battle in WW 1 or 2, only the poppy flower grew. never heard of that, i heard something about tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree or something like that.
  12. a lil spirit http://www.papersculpt.com/american_flag.htm http://www.masscops.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7943 http://members.shaw.ca/david.p.z.888/st ... bacca.html
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