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  1. absolutely nothing stars was from the game resident evil (special tactics and rescue squad) oh yes and frojo about 3/10
  2. hey nice tutorial heres my attempt
  3. First Name: Location: England Age: 16 Occupation: school Hobbies: psp, reading, computers Favorite tech item: my psp Favorite and most despised software: favourite atm paint.net most despised anything begining with the word microsoft Favorite and most despised games: resident evil and metal gear solid favourite, most despire oh i dont know summoner was a big disappointer i guess Favorite and most despised movies: team america favourite most despised i dont know james bond Favorite and most despised television series: favourite life on mars and doctor who most despised any soap Fav
  4. hey im matt im new to using this software but heres what i managed to create with the help of this tutorial
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