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  1. so how difficult would it be to mate 2 cars together and has anyone got any tips on doin it?
  2. after playing around with various colour changing methods is the any way to change black to another colour ?
  3. ive sorted it now, its not the 1st plugin ive ive downloaded , it just tried to open this one as the others didnt so threw my off a little, thanks anyway!
  4. ive tried downloadin the plugin but cant open it , any suggestions? it says select programm to open it with or search the net to find it?:-(
  5. i think this is what he is reffering to? http://www.digimods.co.uk/tutorials/tutorials.htm u need to click on cartooning in the index on the left Scott
  6. ive looked in the tutorial & plug in room and have seen the conditional hue saturation plug in and wondered if there was a tutorial for it or just a case of trial and error?
  7. no , nothing excessive, just another forum i use has a 25kb limit, thats why i asked.:-)
  8. i know that they are 500x150 but are there kb limitations? thanks, Scott
  9. Crazy Man Dan Mr Frojo thanks just one more will i be able to surround the whole object as normally drop shadows have a certain angle and only go to a certain side?
  10. that creates in inner glow tho doesnt it? plus when you've cut something out theres no background for the glow to appear on, does that make sence
  11. just been getting used to pdn, and was wondering how i could put an outer glow effect around something that ive cut out? cheers Scott
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