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  1. ok, i've got the stamp looking ok now. how would someone go about animating it so that it looks like the image is being stamped?
  2. I'm amazed at the ages on here too. So many kids on here much much more talented than I am. Reminds me of the generation gap between kids and adults when games consoles first came out
  3. thanks Drak, but it's actually the making the stamp part that has me stumped. i want it somewhat realistic looking. i'm with layers and such.
  4. Anyone care to tell me how i could make a rubber stamp effect on an image? basically, i have an image of somone, and i want to rubber stamp it to say "NO!" over it. any tips would be appreciated.
  5. Led Zeppelin Tool Sigur Ros Rage Against The Machine Alabama 3 Arcade Fire The Beatles Fun Lovin Criminals Bob Dylan Damien Rice The Frames Postal Service The Shins The Doors Johnny Cash Faithless Oasis Pink Floyd I could go on, but won't.
  6. First Name:Richie Location:Limerick, Ireland Age:26 Occupation: Systems Analyst/Moocher Hobbies: Rugby/Reading/Sports Photography/Socialising/Movies yada yada yada Favorite tech item: My Canon 350D Favorite and most despised software:PDN is my favourite at the moment, any google software is evil Favorite and most despised games:Favourite game: Gears Of War, Despised game: Lost Planet Favorite and most despised movies: Favourite: changes all the time, currently: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Despised: Transformers, 100% pure rubbish Favorite and most despised television series: Favourite: Heroes. Despised: Any form of reality tv What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? Rugby If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? I'm going to the Dominican Republic in two months, that'll do me. otherwise: Fiji Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: Paul O'Connell
  7. Anchorman, one of the funniest films ever.
  8. Barring a monumentous mess up on their own part, I can't see passed New Zealand. Ireland, sadly, don't have a hope in hell. EDIT: This is a family friendly site. Let's keep it that way. ~BoltBait
  9. I edited this picture: to become this picture: will work on it some more to try make a cool sig eventually
  10. 9.5 out of 10. half a mark deducted because I don't believe in perfection.
  11. I'm from Limerick in Ireland. Pretty sure there's a few more Irish folk out there too.
  12. No, I'm Irish. Thanks re the sig, it's my 1st ever made, and the images are from photo's i took myself8). Munster is a province in Ireland. I believe it's also somewhere in Germany though .... and a brand of cheese
  13. It looks like you're doing the YMCA dance ... badly.
  14. I've just realised that I need a more recent pic of me, this was taken about 8 months ago. i'm new, but i'm crashing this thread anyway.
  15. thanks for the tips everyone, i'll work on that tomorrow, slightly battered and bruised this evening, even typing hurts
  16. i want to create my own bebo skin. i've created the following picture as the main background, but the file size is way too large, it's currently 291kb, but the max a file can be is 40Kb. it's exactly the right number of pixels, so i'm at a loss as to how i can change the file size .. or can i? is there just too much going on in the picture?
  17. took another go at it, see my avatar. is it too big for avatars on this site?
  18. And hey presto, I finally got something half decent. still think the tutorial isn't very user friendly for newbies though.
  19. i find step 2 particularly confusing
  20. I thought tutorials were supposed to be helpful. as a complete newbie to this kind of stuff, i can't follow it at all, each effort so far that i've done is pathetic.
  21. and here's a result using another pic. thanks guys
  22. Cool...another Richard. that makes three. thanks for the help everyone.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new, love the tips on the forum. I'm not sure what the effect is called, but i basicall want to change the guy in this photo to something like the bit on the right, ignore the t-shirt part, i was too lazy to cut it from the image. all help appreciated Ruck
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