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  1. ^ Is wrong. < Is the proudest PS3 owner. v Has a 2 years old PC.
  2. I had A LOT. I dont really remember how much, but these are my favorites. All are made in PdN but I'm not sure if I used all of them on this forum.
  3. Simple shaped, cool, sexy. 9.5/10 You should make the white corners, like you did in the avatar. And maybe the reflection but I'm not sure if it would fit.
  4. I did that a while ago : http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa72 ... i11_v3.jpg
  5. maybe i would, where is this contest ? nvm - found it and i'll post it there when i get home.
  6. From what I've seen on opera mini 8/10. love all the overlay-ish stuff
  7. My original nickname was Satane - it had nothing to do with satan or anything religious but people were calling me satan. So I shortened it to "Sat". Well Sat sounded too short so I added "Dr." Infront of it. It also makes me look more intelligent :)
  8. I took a picture of my house and edited it. It was day when i took the picture (100% pdn) (Had a crappy PC back then. That's why the resolution is so low.) http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa72/Satane123/Senoeti11_v3.jpg I took the space picture from here : (So no copyright issues, right ?) http://www.fantom-xp.org/-/Worm_Hole.htm
  9. False (I didn't try searching) T.P.B.M likes Mii channel !
  10. yes, then I used unFREEz Actually it has a problem, after the first rotation the logo should be inverted, but I didn't want to have to big avatar. 8/10 nicely fits the signature.
  11. While Installing uncheck the auto update, I think you have to select Custom Install before . EDIT: I guess Gladi8or2 posted while I was typing
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