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  1. Thanks david.atwell, for your comment. I think I understand that "Conditional Hue/Saturation" can in fact change the background color. But is there a way to use the "Color Picker" to specify the color on the color wheel of the "Conditional Hue/Saturation" ? (By the way, I always have a lot of trouble understanding the tutorials of paint.net. The instructions often seem to be giving helpful suggestions to users who already know how to use the command. But there are often NOT instructions for beginners who don't know anything. That's the way it is with "Conditional Hue/Saturation". The
  2. Thanks for your responses. I discovered the "Recolor" tool which actually does what I want, although it is tricky to use. One question about the Recolor tool: is it possible to have the Recolor tool operate on the entire image? I have been able to make it work using a large brush, but I have to "brush" the entire image to get it all to change. It would be simpler to just have the "Recolor" tool work on the whole image automatically. Is that possible, and, if so, how? Thanks again.
  3. I"m a newbie to this program, and I'm sure this is answered somewhere but when I put "change color" into the search, I don't get anything that looks relevant. I have a JPG file that consists of a background color with black text on top of it. But the background color is too dark and I want to lighten it up. I don't want to change the color of the text. Thanks for any help. I would especially appreciate simple instructions to do this. How could I have found the answer to this question in the tutorials? or is there better place to ask this question? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks - Brush Size was the problem. Once I set the brush size to 50, then something started to happen. Maybe that should be emphasized in the tutorial because it's not what I would have first thought to try changing. Thanks again.
  5. I confess stupidity also. I can't get Clone Stamp to work. Here's what I do: I open my .jpg file and left click on the clone stamp tool. The message at the bottom of the screen says: "Hold Ctrl and left click to select an origin. Afterwards, left click and draw to copy." So I hold Ctrl down, then left click on the area of the picture that I want to copy from. The cursor turns into a small cross with a little square something in the upper right corner. There is a small white dot on my picture that is blinking slowly on and off. I'm not sure what the tool wants me to do now. Not
  6. Can I use the recolor tool to change one color to another color within an entire selection (instead of using a brush)? If not, is there another way to change one color to another color throughout an image or selection? I searched for "recolor selection" and didn't see anything that looked close. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. Well, I know this should be simple, but I haven't used Paint.net very much. I can select a rectangle of the background, then copy it, then paste it over the faces, but I don't know how to crop the selection in a freeform way so that the faces reappear, nor do I know how to make the modification permanent. Sorry to be so dense, but any further advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  8. Wow, Ash, thanks a lot ! it's perfect. Two questions: 1. How do I download it from wherever it is? When I save the image in Firefox from this message and then store it, it's only 114 KB and the faces start to become blurry. Your copy on photobucket also has only 114 KB. It seems to have lost a lot of resolution. The original on my disk is 992 KB and the faces look better. It's also 991KB on my Picasa web album so I think it got out there to Picasa at full clarity. 2. And how did you get the spot out? Which technique did you use? However you did it, that's exactly what I wante
  9. Thanks Frojo, that worked pretty good, but is there a way to recolor a selected area instead of using a brush? Thanks again.
  10. Can anyone tell me how to remove the white spot ( from the camera flash) out of the middle of this picture? Simple instructions if possible, please !! The picture is at: http://picasaweb.google.com/rogerfarmer ... 2858707682 Thanks !!!!
  11. I have just downloaded Paint.net and am trying to figure out how to use it. I have a JPG image from my digital camera that is partly underexposed and partly overexposed. I want to brighten the underexposed parts and darken the overexposed parts. Is there any EASY way to do this? I can’t easily select the underexposed or overexposed portions because they are in various parts of the image. I can’t brighten or darken the entire image because then the parts that are already OK would be too bright or too dim. Also, some parts of the image only need only small changes while other parts n
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