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  1. I did'nt think of that. To put it altogether I used Ulead gif animator.
  2. Here is my lightsaber gif. Must click on image I gues to see the animation I think. All done with Paint.net
  3. I,m sorry to waste your time. Don't know how to put images in. Later
  4. Sorry. I Used majic wand on PDN and saved it as .ping or gif. then I transfered it to a gif animater manialy fade it or use the tween to do so. same outcome.
  5. I have been doing stuff that you guys have tought on this forum. I tried everything on this forum. I think? I can't get a picture fade into nothing using a gif animater. The ending result is a white left over of the picture on my desktop. Any ideas! please. Tried and tried and......
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