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  1. Right its working but dont worry i wil just make the backround on GIMP and the rest on PDN
  2. Ash its grundge brushes and CDM will the GIMP load them?
  3. Ok Ash i will ask him if he will just make me a big backround pic for me
  4. Anyone else know how to make them and that could be a suggestion make Paint.NET be-able to use .abr's ect. ect.
  5. Here are some more he made i found http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x11/Jinsei66/
  6. Thanks for the help Myrddin but its still not quite what im loking for
  7. Well if it possible can someone make a tutorial please because i really want to know and my friend doesnt have anyother pics like it
  8. Ok here is a pic of what i mean I must know how to do it lol
  9. Ok, if anyone needs a pic to show you what i mean for the backround just ask
  10. Can Paint.NET open .abr's because i really want to put grunge brushes on it so i can make backrounds. And if not how can you make bckrounds that look the same with Paint.NET
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