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  1. I like trip-hop (Imogen Heap, Zero 7, Sia, Thievery Corporation, Emiliana Torrini, etc.) but that wasn't an option, so I chose electronica/dance.
  2. Why haven't I seen this before?
  3. True. The person below me posts more often in Overflow than the rest of the forum put together.
  4. Here's a more refined version of what I was going for earlier: By the way, is there any way to change the lighting angle in Shape 3D? (I wanted the light source to mesh with my cast shadow, but I couldn't find a way to do it other than by manipulating the cast shadow -- not the light in the plugin itself.)
  5. I've been playing it pretty religiously for the past week.
  6. Well, yesterday I finally hit 20,000 and ordered a Zune. I'll let you know if it ever comes or not. (ETA is sometime in September. :shock:) Btw, in case you didn't know, they've removed Vista from the list of eligible prizes. Seems they finally caught on to the people ordering 10+ Vistas and decided to remove them for everybody. :x *impotent rage*
  7. Rikku, you're gonna get yelled at if you don't resize your avatar. (It should be no bigger than 100x100px I think.)
  8. Do you mean on the squiggle or the sphere? The original squiggle had anti-aliasing turned on already; here's the sphere with AA set to 5 (and transparency 'cause I wanted to see what that would look like ): I know it's not perfect. But I still think it has a pretty high coolness:effort ratio. 8)
  9. I dled this plug-in a while back but have been avoiding using it since the interface intimidated me. (Yes, even with the English translation. All the tabs and buttons and angles freaked me out. ) Anyway, today I decided to try it out and I'm amazed by the results. Shape 3D took this 5-second squiggle: and turned it into this: . (Okay, I added a little cast shadow. But still!) I know I'm a little late in saying so, but thanks MKT!
  10. Something I slapped together last night after receiving the latest pics of my nephew: He has the funniest expressions. I think I'm gonna do a whole series.
  11. There was no S&H or tax associated with my earbud prize, but then again, that's a lot less expensive than an XBox or Zune, I'm assuming. My sense is that they don't charge you S&H though. So no one mentioned any problems with Chicktionary, eh? Is it just me then? BTW, BuzzKill, how did you rack up so many tickets so fast? Are you using some kind of cheat/mod/workaround?
  12. As the profile says, New York is my home. Always has been and most likely always will be. Specifically, I was born in Queens but my family moved out to Long Island before I started school. Been here ever since. I'm surprised I'm only the second (I think?) New Yorker on this thread. And the other person was from upstate, which might as well be another state.
  13. Okay, so at the bottom of this forum for at least a couple days now there's been a link to Live Search Club. For those who haven't clicked, it's a puzzle game site connected to Microsoft that purportedly gives out free stuff for earning "tickets" you win by playing games. I've already earned enough for the sport earbuds and sent away for them, but the site says to allow six to eight weeks for delivery so I can't confirm yet if it's legit or not. I was wondering if any of you have actually received anything from there yet. (I'm guessing yes since it's being advertised here.) And a follow-up question: has anyone else got locked out of Chicktionary? It says I've solved all the puzzles and to wait a while for them to get new puzzles up, but it's been a couple days and still no luck. And it's my favorite game, too. (On other forums people have reported getting back in within a day or two, so I want to know if what I'm experiencing is an isolated problem or something more widespread -- like a policy or code change.) Okay, think that's it. So are any of you playing these games (and winning) too?
  14. Sorry I haven't checked this thread in a while. Any of you may use any of the pictures I post here for whatever you want! And thanks for the compliments!
  15. Wow! I can't believe I missed this before. This is really useful, thanks. ETA: Some more pics of this plugin in action: original: mirror: lighten: darken:
  16. Here's an avatar I made for another forum a while back: I wanted a sort of ghost-like feel to it. I found that dragging a transparent cloud layer across my base worked quite nicely. Unfortunately, the .gif itself turned out about 200kb too big, but I still keep it around just to look at.
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