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  1. Ooh, Elia. I love that name.
  2. I considered using my generic forum username, but everyone always abbreviated it and I was bored with it anyway. So I decided to see if my first name was registered and it wasn't so there you go.
  3. False. The person below me has a dual boot computer.
  4. vindictive little b@stards. ETA: to censor, in case you consider b@stards a cussword (which I don't, but whatever)
  5. Thanks, I totally missed the bottom of the interface.
  6. Ah, but then it wouldn't match my avatar. reason> Actually I thought it would be too close to Down, which was taken already. 7/10. Sorry, but I hate numbers in usernames.
  7. Ah, I never noticed that before! Thank you. Can you recommend any tuts on its use? (Like in Crazy Man Dan's photo above?)
  8. True. The person below me has been using PDN for over a year.
  9. They enabled caps on pretty much all of the games to stop bot-tage. Chicktionary is set at 1000, Flexicon at around 9000; not sure about the others. You can check out the leaderboard to get an idea of the limits.
  10. Wow. Is there any way you can get a similar effect with PDN? (Since it doesn't have feathered brushes or a clone stamp, I don't think.)
  11. False. TPBM is in possession of a cuddly ball of fur.
  12. You didn't post a sentence! (Are you supposed to?)
  13. True. TPBM has dled 10+ plugins from this forum.
  14. False. TPBM only found out what anti-aliasing was when they started playing with PDN!
  15. I maxed out Chicktionary in the first couple hours, then moved on to Flexicon. That took a while to max out... I dunno, at least two or three days. Finished up with Seekadoo and Crosswire, which I maxed out yesterday. I played Elvis=Lives a couple times, but the 4 ticket payout just isn't worth it. I'm not gonna lie, it took a helluva long time. (I play mainly at night, I'm a bit of an insomniac and I played at least until dawn a couple nights last week.)
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