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  1. False. TPBM has caught someone claiming something was theirs when it wasn't.
  2. The menubar mouseovers on Furon Techno-whatever are quite pretty.
  3. I play it. Mainly custom games, just me and the barbarians. What? I'm a computer game chicken.
  4. False. The person below me is watching Discovery channel right now. (I love Hatshepsut!)
  5. Nothing special. I drew an asterisk (with the cross spokes on different layers) and then played with various blurs and color balance/hue-sat till I got something I liked. I think I also did some gradient fade outs. (Basically fading from the center out to black.) Just play around with pdn, and I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something similar fairly easily.
  6. True. I use Quick Launch. The person below me posts primarily on this forum.
  7. False. (I'm pretty sure I asked that one already. *whistles*) TPBM can whistle!
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