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  1. Torino is quite nice, too. I think I like the abstract ones the best. The ones that try to spell things out or have weird pictures in them... don't really work for me.
  2. Wow, you're not kidding! That's pretty awful. Click on the slideshow in that article and you can see logos of Olympics past. I think I like the Nagano one best.
  3. Ah, yes. (I just youtube'd it.) Amusing. In a flash-in-the-pan meme kind of way. I don't know if I could sit through two hours of Spiderpig though...
  4. What the hell is a Spiderpig? Sounds like some ungodly abomination.
  5. I'm running XP on an iMac. I actually liked OSX just fine, but there were a lot of programs I wanted to run that weren't cross-platform. So I looked into Boot Camp and decided it was best for me. Unfortunately, during the install I forgot to allocate enough harddrive space for OSX so it got overwritten. I'm too lazy and I have too much stuff on my XP partition to redo it now, so for all intents and purposes I now have a Windows machine. But it's in a lot prettier package.
  6. *sneaks cashews into pyro's cookie*
  7. snospmiS, nice avatar! One of the better orbs I've seen, like the glassy part.
  8. But cashews are so tasty... and almonds, and pecans, and peanuts (though technically they're legumes).
  9. I prefer chocolate chip myself. Though spice cookies and anything with nuts are good, too.
  10. Whoa, why the negativity? Can we go back to the cookies?
  11. Sia - Numb I think I've heard of Kill Hannah... what genre are they/do they sound like?
  12. Not around here... but we do have plenty of bunnies. (Aww!)
  13. Actually, you shouldn't use the plural form since "him" and "he" are referring to the same... banana. (I was gonna say person, but "he" is actually a fruit. Hmm. Perhaps I shouldn't have given him a gender then. ) Well, whatever. Back to the story: The dead banana...
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