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  1. it was originaly much bigger than this so when i scaled down like the idiot i am i forgot to feather it before i cut it out yours is simple indeed i give it a 7.8/10
  2. awesome a classy look to it i like it reminds me of a Harly Davidson 9/10
  3. Awesome Sig 9/10 Simple and Awsome a somewhat futureistic look about it idk i cant put my finger on it but its killer non the less
  4. I just looked up the band Apocalyptica and I really like them so i give your sig a 9/10 Simple and sweet
  5. This is my first post i love Paint.Net it's awesome Im fairly new to it but i tried it This is one of the best tuts ive ever seen its very well explained and very VERY easy to follow
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