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  1. Everybody, Thenk you.

    About the rotation axis of default.

    "Eulerian angle" (Three rotation axes)

    There is a pattern of 12.

    1. Z-Y-Z

    2. Z-X-Z

    3. Y-Z-Y

    4. Y-X-Y

    5. X-Z-X

    6. X-Y-X

    7. X-Y-Z

    8. Y-Z-X

    9. Z-X-Y

    10. Z-Y-X

    11. Y-X-Z

    12. X-Z-Y

    Y-X-Y was the best for me.

    But, Please change to the setting of your favor and use it.

    About The coordinate system of this plug-in.

    EDIT :

    I'm Sorry.

    I was misunderstanding it.

    It corrects it as soon as possible.

  2. spartac.

    Still, the cause is not understood if there is no details of the


    Details of the error are scheduled to come to be displayed in the next update

    like the beta version.

    Though it is good when the cause of the error is understood.


    I think that it was able to understand.

    MKT, would it be possible to have the cylinder cap setting be Perhaps, independent for each side?
    It might be possible.
  3. Tubular Tos. I watched an image.

    I am disappointed. There is not this function in Shape3D.

    Is it spherical surface law?

    I do not understand the accurate name.

    However, there is the thing that I looked somewhere.

    Recursive processing is necessary. It is necessary to perform the chase of rays till I come across a source of light. Calculation processing becomes slow.

    But it is ... someday.

    Just downloaded now that I saw there is an english version. No way was I gonna try and interpret japanese.


    My translation became slow.


    Curves+ is splendid.

    Thank you.

  4. Good morning. GMT + 8 Hours

    Thank you for a lot of comments.

    Do I have should do something on "...adding in the next release..." and "Sticky"?

    I who doesn't have ability am utmost only in my program.

    It is difficult only in the translation software for me even to understand the

    comment on the forum.

    And, if my word is translated, it is not my word and becomes it.

    A lot of time to read English is necessary for me.

    Please forgive answer late.

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