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  1. with the antivirus software that you are using.


    http://forums.stardock.com/index.aspx?f ... 161625&c=1

    If it is a cause, please examine about the software.

    If you cannot use a ZIP file, please try the link which Ash showed.

    A DLL file is downloaded.


    Thank you so much.

    The download link that you showed is very nice.

    I did not understand the necessity of the download links of DLL files.

  2. Everybody, I'm sorry.

    And, Thank you for many Information.

    After having changed screen resolution to 800x600, I also tested.

    At that time, the OK/Cancel button was not able to be seen.

    However, it begins only to have seen it from the screen because the size of the

    window was large.

    and, I tested for 120dpi.

    The result was the same after all.

    If the window was resized, the button was able to be seen.

    more, I examined it.

    And, The problem has been understood.

    When a window size was resized before a window was displayed.

    (maybe, To screen resolution by the system because the size of the window is too large.

    Or, by the system setting.)

    A position and size of the Control do not seem to follow the resize of the window then when it fixed a position in an "Anchor" property of the Control.

    I stopped using the "Anchor" property, and fixed the position by "Dock" property.

    and, in "Load Event" of the Form, I added the next cord.

            private Size displaySize()
               int x = this.Width, y = this.Height;
               foreach (Screen s in Screen.AllScreens)
                   x = Math.Min(x, s.WorkingArea.Width);
                   y = Math.Min(y, s.WorkingArea.Height);
               x = Math.Max(x, this.MinimumSize.Width);
               y = Math.Max(y, this.MinimumSize.Height);
               return new Size(x, y);

    This image is "800x600 120dpi", and the result of the display.


    everybody, it troubled you.

    Thank you and.

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