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  1. You are awesome. I'm glad a feature like this is finally developing for PdN.
  2. I love the improvements in this plugin. I just ran a test with a short video and I'm just amazed at what PDN can do now! My test saved and played back fine; well, almost. The edited strip played a little slower than the original. It isn't that big of a deal, but I thought I'd point it out. I'm liking this plugin for what it can do.
  3. The only real problem though is VD's frame skip (I think that's what it is called; ex: how many frames per second, etc). As you could get a mass amount of images for as little as 3 seconds of a video. There may be some settings to adjust this, but I haven't looked into it.
  4. An easy way to do this is to use VirtualDub. Just select the part of the movie you want, then save as image(s). Convert them to GIF, edit in :pdn: if needed, and animate in unFREEz (or Beneton Movie GIF).
  5. Link (Stretches the page too much) Made a new logo for my crappy Luigi site. Don't really know yet if it is better than my old one, but the only real turnoff point I find is the background. It is just well, black. I couldn't really think of anything to put in the background that would work with the rest of the image (I mainly tried ideas with changing black with the plugins ). Though, I may try over exaggerating the light from the door. If anyone has some ideas for it, I'd be happy.
  6. VirtualDub has a function for this. Allwos for a set or a single frame to be taken from a movie. And it is freeware.
  7. This is going to be one of my new favorite plugins. Great job!
  8. Wouldn't the Octagonal/Quad reshape/matte be able to get that flag effect? Maybe add some rotation and bulge effect and it could work. Or not, just an idea to throw out there.
  9. Very interesting concept. Downloading and looking for those secret images in your post!
  10. Needed something for my website. Messed around with a few effects in PdN and some official artwork. I did love the font, but I can't use it anymore as it slows my computer down into oblivion. :?
  11. Or, you could just record the game using Fraps or a similar desktop video capturing program. Then, convert the out put video into seperate GIF files and edit them. To make the video into seperate image files, I suggest Virtual Dub. After that, (As VD doesn't output into GIF) get a batch image converter like Fast Stone to make them into GIFs. Then edit. That's assuming you want to animate an entire motion and not just random stuff.
  12. This plug-in looks absolutely fantasic! Downloading now!
  13. You could use the Magic Wand and delete the background then fill it in with white. Or, make a new layer , fill it in with white, and delete the background (Making it transparent) by using the wand again or the paint bucket. Hope that helps...
  14. ^Meh, I think I can live without messing with it. And you do know that the page covers many other bugs related to 2.0 and not just 1.x, right?... Just wanted to state that back when FF was growing and being promoted as the über l33t safe browser, IE was still safer. All FF problems I have still exist in 2.0 (think I've upgraded it to the newest release). PC becomes unreasonable slow and it just isn't worth it half the time. (Really becomes bad when I'm running PdN at the same time )
  15. Can I ask how this page hasn't been referenced yet? Detailing how even IE is safer than Firefox (1.x) . I used to be a major FF fan, telling everyuone "OMFG SWTICH TO FF NOW." But then my computer started freezing up whenever I used it. Memory leaks kept the thing from running right. Though, I only have 256MB of RAM, but still, it was annoying. Thus, I switched to Opera. Been happy since, as I also actually get barely spyware and viruses now that I use it. FF and IE had been giving my computer all that stuff, while Opera hasn't. Sure, yes, I miss all those cool extensions/plugins
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