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  1. Of course there's always option #3... Take Myrddin's steps listed above, but replace Guassian Blur with Effects - > Photo -> Glow :Glow:
  2. Generally, Photoshop's Liquify tool is used for something so drastic (of course that's no where near an option with PdN... ) You could try small 'negative' bulges at different areas around the image. I think that you might be able to adapt the 'Real Car --> Toy Car Conversion' tutorial to suit your needs as well.
  3. Dents! *smacks forehead* That was my second guess, though I never tried it out. And now we know. ---- I present to you... the awe and wonder that is... an uninteresting paper bag! What could be inside?! Does anyone care?! Why are there so many Chuck Norris jokes?! Click above to find out!* *Total lie
  4. Relient K is one of 'the BEST' bands ever. --- It's a strange feeling when you drop your sister off at a birthday/slumber party and overhear the eight year old birthday girl calling you hot. It's sort of like some horrible amalgamation of Fail and 'not Fail' at the same time. :shock: --- Oh... for the record: Being called 'the definition of HAWT' by random dA girls? (see last comment) = not fail Eight year olds? = EPIC fail Dx
  5. Hence death by pregnancy. >_> --- My rant is when you're called away to 'public functions' unannounced and totally unprepared, hygienically speaking. Then while you're at said event, you smell something that's not quite so pleasant. Then, knowing you're a day overdue for a shower, you begin to suspect it's yourself causing said odor. Seemingly an accomplice to that thought, comes the idea that others can smell this as well. Fear of excommunication due to smelliness ensues. :< Oh, my other rant is on the fact that 8 year old girls think I'm hot. ...I can't really say I've ever had an 8 year old call me hot before. :shock:
  6. Correct David, purely in jest was my previous statement uttered... er, typed. I do believe that from now on, unless expressly stated otherwise, QFT shall mean Quilts for Turtles. Because those poor neglected turtles get cold. :< ---- 600 pages of off-topic, borderline SPAMmyness. ... Then again, a power crazed mod razing the entire thing to rubble might look sorta cool! :shock:
  7. @ Stephan - The latest incarnation looks great! I'd recommend fully encapsulating those windows, or having them fade out towards the bottom. The top rim thing just seems too crisp as it is.
  8. 9.6/10 It seems that all of us here like the color blue. :shock:
  9. I'mma miss the Pictorium. ... Good times.... Good times... --- So... ... I realized, that my calendar thing is now in the final stages. 1) Populating each ... and every ... single ... day... o__o (Though I may just skip January) 2) Figuring out how to make Flash export an XML so users won't have to start over every time they use it. :<
  10. In agreement with what everyone else is saying, you've done some smashing work on this. I simply won't be able to rest until I emulate your camouflage pattern. Furthermore, I'll be emotionally crushed if the words "stock image" are in your next post*. *Unless the words "it was not a" are in front of it. --- @ Azurithil - Lookin' good. You might want to consider making it appear as if the stars are being sucked into the black hole/transdimensional warp gate thing as well. (Alternatively, if the planet is supposed to be coming out of the dimensional rift thing, disregard my previous statement. ) (Also, it's against dA's rules to hotlink images (even your own) directly. See http://help.deviantart.com/229/ for more details ) --- @ Stephan - :shock: Well... you totally beat me. I couldn't think of a single thing to do with it. Maybe... um, small (even semi-translucent) content boxes/windows?
  11. New Pictorium Forium = Under construction. --- I made another 'funny' video! ..... I make no guarantee that it will entertain anyone at all... ... [cough]
  12. Useful information. (Information I already knew about, but I'm sure it's helpful to others ) I would also recommend instructing people about the wonder of Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map ... But to be honest, this has little to do with Paint.NET, as ALT codes will work in just about any program that accepts text. Because of that, I'd definitely say this belongs in Overflow.
  13. Ok, so I was thinking about Photoshop brushes. You can set the scatter amount and stuff, which leads to random dots all over the place. Would it be possible (or practical may be the better word) to make a plugin that generates dots randomly? I've done something similar to what I mean with Flash here. ... ... ... Well, there's my suggestion/request. ActionScript is infinitely different than any of the C languages, but on the offchance it helps, here's the scripting used to generate the dots. if (_root.incolor == "random") { for (i=0; i<_root.amount; i++) { var t = this.attachMovie("dot", "dot"+i, i); t._x = Math.random()*600; t._y = Math.random()*500; t._xscale = Math.random()*200+20; t._yscale = t._xscale; t.myColor = new Color("dot"+i); t.myColor.setRGB(random(999999)); } } else { for (i=0; i<_root.amount; i++) { var t = this.attachMovie("dot", "dot"+i, i); t._x = Math.random()*600; t._y = Math.random()*500; t._xscale = Math.random()*200+20; t._yscale = t._xscale; t.myColor = new Color("dot"+i); t.myColor.setRGB(_root.dotcolor); } }
  14. I made my first Paint.NET plugin! ...Well... no... actually, I didn't. Not knowing anything about C#, C++, C4, or seafood makes PdN plugin authoring difficult. But I did make something I'd like to see made into a plugin. Random dot generator!! Flash ftw!
  15. I made it for something else. But I thought it looked pretty cool by itself.
  16. I think that there needs to be a set angle. Otherwise, nothing will look normal. We'll have buildings floating and ... just other... badness. The pixel town you showed us looks great. Isometric perception isn't that hard to do.
  17. Sure. You can put my pixelated persona in the first post.
  18. I hereby suggest that the new Pictorium be called.... [drumroll] The Pictorium Forium.? moment> --- I like the .dll brushes idea. I'm guessing that you could input scatter radii and other random functions in it. Bringing the whole thing that much closer to Photoshop. xD
  19. Look at me and my bad pixel self. I made my own, because I wanted to preserve my rock star hair and skinny jeans.
  20. ----------- [sigh] My friend started a religious thread on the official My Chemical Romance boards... and now she's dealing with the ravenous wolves that seek to tear down her beliefs and ensure political correctness. The poor girl never stood a chance. Everything she writes is analyzed in the most critical fashion...
  21. [60] Electrical Generation [15] Printing Press --- I just feel electricity is more important than printed paper. (then again, without mass prints, we probably wouldn't have electricity as readily available as we do... but on the other hand, electricity powers those prints... )
  22. Good to hear... But I just spent about 2 minutes formatting a list, so I'll post this anyway, because it's very 'complete'... and seems like less of a waste of time. >_> -------- Firstly, make sure you write your text on a new layer. From there, you have two options. [*:3e1mnvg1]Use the Rotate/Zoom feature. [*:3e1mnvg1]Layers -> [*:3e1mnvg1]Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Z [*:3e1mnvg1]Select your text with any of the selection tools Then use the Move Tool and right click to rotate the text [*:3e1mnvg1]Holding shift will constrain the rotation to 15 degree intervals
  23. Am I the only one to notice the perfect circle that's cut into the ground around the tree? o.O question> My tree's not all lonely on page 2 anymore.
  24. [*:17ln6boo]Open Chaoscope [*:17ln6boo]Ctrl + N [*:17ln6boo]Choose attractor method [*:17ln6boo]Just about anything's fine (Unravel rarely works for me though) [*:17ln6boo]Ask someone else about the specifics on this one >_> [*:17ln6boo]Press F3 a few times [*:17ln6boo]If you see a shape you like you can [*:17ln6boo]Render from there [*:17ln6boo]Change the Randomness to something like 10 to tweak it slightly [*:17ln6boo]Once you've got a good fractal, choose render mode [*:17ln6boo]Gas & Liquid - Not very useful due to minimal color options [*:17ln6boo]Light & Plasma - Fancy gradients lead to endless colors (Press Ctrl + R for random gradients) [*:17ln6boo]Solid - handy for making solid things... of course [*:17ln6boo]Enjoy your new fractal I really like making BBcode lists. I don't know why.
  25. You poor soul. :shock: --- My rant is on my disability or otherwise lack of knowledge of mathematical functions. ... >_> My attempts to emulate gravity and force in Flash are hindered by the fact that the math goes over my head or that it must be written in a specific syntax that I'm overlooking. ... Not to mention, it seems that 9 out of every 9 Flash tutorial authors, brilliant though they may be, have the nasty habit of placing code directly on buttons and movieclips*. Which, in my opinion, is the Flash equivalent of a table-based website. Seriously... Typing buttonname_btn.onPress = function() { whatever you want done } is just better than placing all your code in the button itself... And about 100x easier to edit later if you have to change them all later. When will people learn?!
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