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  1. /me reminds Mike.Ryan52 of the thread he is in. * Wither still thinks it's dumb to write the same thing twice.
  2. I have the middle initial D. >_> ....Hurray for bizarre and overtly thought-out 'conspiracies'!
  3. It's not me this time, but I'm a lot happier with how this one came out.
  4. Since we're talking about this anyway... New PdN slogan: Paint.NET - It's OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!! --- I used to suck really hard at Paint.NET... but I kept practicing, and now my Paint.NET skills are OVER 9000!!!!
  5. Well, David, no one can say you aren't creative with these things! :shock: --- [50] A&W [50] Arby's [50] Burger King [50] Carl's Jr. / Hardee's [40] KFC [50] McDonalds [50] Panda Express [50] Pizza Hut [50] Subway's [55] Taco Bell [50] Wendy's --- - KFC ~ Good biscuits and mashed potatoes/gravy. ...Everything else is overpriced grease. + Taco Bell ~ I love Taco Bell! A steak #7 is probably the best fast food to ever grace my tastebuds.
  6. It's OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!! I used to watch DBZ as well... I faithfully watched everyday... then the Buu saga came out... and then it just got especially convoluted... and then GT came out... and then everyone stopped caring. >_>
  7. :shock: i actually thought it was a real picture :shock: ... ive been punk'd. :shock: I = punk'd Curse you, Brad! And you're ability to make better paper than me! Dx
  8. The point of mentioning the 9000th post is that it means that my post was 'over 9000!' Which is a (aging) popculture reference from an episode of Dragonball Z. Guy 1: What does the scouter say about his power level? Guy 2: ... It's OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!! [crushes scouter thingy] < "reference material" There was no point for him to crush the scouter thingy... or even yell like that to begin with. >_>
  9. I'm going to have to remind you of The Rules. Particularly rule #23
  10. I lol'd at that picture... er, phrase. >_> You could draw a picture of someone clutching his chest... That's all that really comes to mind.
  11. Rectangle Select, Ellipse Select, Move Selected Pixels, Move Selection, Lasoo, Magic Wand, Gradient, Glow, and many others. :LassoTool: :Glow: You were saying..? >_>
  12. Which ones are missing? :shock: --- Edit: sabrown had the 9000th post... which means that...
  13. To be vindictive of course! :twisted: Or uh... as others would say "for the lulz".
  14. Upload it to your website/file host/whatever and post the link... Or attach it in a post here. I don't know the size limit for attachments on the boards though.
  15. :AddNoise: 600 ftw. :AddNoise: The has never been stickied... and at the rate it's growing, will never need to be.
  16. There are a bunch of different videos with "FPS Doug". (search for that on YouTube!) So it's not entirely 'real', but he's pretty extreme nonetheless! xD
  17. The above statement is false. 7-Zip = free = better.
  18. Congrats! ...just make sure you never end up like >_>Language alert towards the end
  19. :shock: Looks fun. And it sort of reminds me of Photoshop's Liquify. (not quite as easy to use, but still.) :shock: I'm a happy camper.
  20. *revisits PM inbox* Ok, I'm completely stumped. If you call that vague reference to nothing (or something?) a hint, then you are officially the most cryptic hint giver of all time. :shock: --- I like Opera... but I use Firefox. Both are great though. attempt at remaining somewhat on-topic>
  21. Eight. I didn't even realize it was there until you mentioned it. >_> Now I want one!
  22. New rant: Migraines. What's worse then waking up with a migraine? Having to pick your sister up immediately thereafter. What's worse than that? When some of the advanced symptoms begin to manifest while you're behind the wheel!! :shock: (loss of sensation in all extremities, loss of vision in the left eye, in addition to that 'someone whacked me in the head with a hammer' feeling that I had when I woke up)
  23. This is how to make the crumpled paper look. I'll just leave this here... I felt it was too short for its own thread (It would take like 5 seconds to make one if everyone feels it does deserve its own thread.) The actual bag itself was a lot of Shape3D angles that I don't remember.
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