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  1. First: Second: Third: And of course the one I'm using now... These are some sigs that I've used before on my other forum. Just figured I'd bring 'em up anyway. Quote from a DH song... My name... I was feeling deep and moody when I made this one... Don't laugh at me.
  2. My computer opens my animated .gifs with Internet Explorer. I'm really glad someone made this. This is one of my favorite attempts at making my own.
  3. Oo wow. I kind of wish there was a body (or at least a face) to go with those eyes. Very cool.
  4. 9/10 I could stare at that vortex of pure happy for hours.
  5. Me having about 45 minutes of boredom and the Shape3D plugin has produced... Planet Wither? O_o It's not set in space because... um... It's in the showroom! Don't want to get spacedust on my nice shiny new ribbon planet. ...
  6. Thanks for that. The cross isn't entirely necessary, but I felt it looked better than nothing. (and my well of creativity isn't exactly overflowing lately)
  7. I chose Wither because it sounded good at the time, and it also describes what I aim for in most of the images I make. Deteriorate, Decay, and Splinter would also make a good replacement name, but they're all a bit creepier than Wither. Wouldn't you say?
  8. Oh wow, pyrochild, that's really impressive. I love the font you used. It matches nicely with your avatar and name too. 10/10 The font is what really won me over, what is it?
  9. someone2016: 8/10 I like it, so short and vague. It implies no meaning other than you are indeed someone. Heh, that seemed like a really philosophical way to say that.
  10. I didn't think of that for some reason. It still looks good in any case.
  11. Bossk... Ooo, I like it. 9/10. ...Um... Why, no. I can't elaborate on that any farther. I'm a bit shallow it seems.
  12. Ooo. That's impressive. The withered letters and all. It's just the kind of stuff I like doing. (hence the name) For now, my sig is about the extent of my PdN picture making abilities.
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