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  1. @ Panhead - I like it. :D

    @ OrangeConcentrate - really nice! The dice look pretty realistic and the road picture is delightfully creepy.

    @ thehamster - Getting good :) To make it really mess with people's eyes, try making one that spins. :shock:



    That was something I was thinking about doing for my avatar, but it's about three times bigger than the allowed filesize. :P

  2. I played Runescape for 1 week. I got level 50ish and almost 1mil in gold. It was fun for the week, then I lost interest.

    I did hear of this game though...


    - Rent/Mortgage (technically it's not required to play the game, but it's not much fun unless you have a place to go to to STOP playing the game when you get frustrated)

    - Ok, yeah, it's big. but there's very little for new players (children) to do

    - The developers didn't spend as much time on the AI as they would have you believe. This can be evidenced by about 70% of all drivers.

    - There's probably even more than 54,600. Sadly, they're all grouped into about 4 main races and everyone only pays attention to that.

    I can think of nothing about the last two points.

  3. Wrapping it to the depth/shape of the mask is beyond my knowledge at this point. But I've experimented with getting cracks.

    If you can find a good picture of dried mud it would probably help. Adjusting any color out of it and playing with the blend modes (overlay worked best in my case) should get you something similar to that.


    This was made a very long time ago. I cannot remember the mud picture I used or my exact process at all. :[

    EDIT: Google search of "dried mud"



    As far as a full-fledged render of a texture like that....



    [yells Ash's name]

  4. rs.png

    That's my lvl 100. I play so rarely now. >_>

    I had another account where I completed Regicide at lvl 67.

    I've never seen anyone lower than that with a Dragon Halberd. I feel special. :D

    From my understanding, I was one of the first 500 or so people to finish ALL of Recipe for Disaster. :)

    I love doing quests and other weird stuff like that. Fishing and cooking are my favorite skills to train.

    I'm usually doing that whenever I play.

  5. :shock: I ignored this for quite awhile because I just figured it was something that would soar over my head. Oh the wasted minutes! [hangs head in shame] How wrong I was for ignoring a plugin because it has a technical sounding name... (The "Script" part had me thinking it would be more... you know, programmer oriented.)

    This gem AND Curves+?! I think it's safe to call you a genius.

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