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  1. The only argument I've seen used against it is the lack of a social life thing. But that's easily remedied with a homeschool group, church/other organizations and their functions, and ... you know, going outside? hay, dont maek fun ov owr spelling. I has a gud edyukashun! >_> that was hard to type. :O
  2. Happy birthday to... The Dave. :shock: **Wither promises never to call david.atwell 'The Dave' again. Happy birthday. If I knew where you lived and had the financial requirements (not to mention knew what you were into), I'd so send you a something.
  3. [50] Cartoons [50] Computer Graphics [50] Film [55] Flash [50] Music [50] Performance Arts [40] Traditional Painting [50] Traditional Drawing [50] Sculpture [50] Writing --- The only Hurt n' Heal that I've wanted everything to win. :shock: - Painting ~ It's amazing... but I have to hurt something. >_> + Flash ~ Highly capable of showing content in a dynamic manner. Not to mention it's just about everywhere.
  4. Homeschooling ftw. Though it turns very bad when your parents are at work and you end up teaching yourself while trying to resist the allure of video games, TV, and other distractions that are obscenely easy to use/play/waste time on. As well as being infinitely more fun than reading about what a preposition is and how to graph polynomials. ... >_>
  5. Me. I'll have to agree with you there... but then again, the only girls that 'ask me out' are 13 and below. ...And I don't get out enough to look for the ones that are my age.
  6. 8/10 Maybe a little too simple. But good work on them gradients!
  7. I'm happy that people are happy that I'm back! I'm also happy that I graduated! I'm also happy that my life wasting MMORPG that I've been wasting my life on has been giving me good stuffz. xD
  8. 6/10 I don't like rainbow colored things. Oh, and I tried that shortcut. I can do it without my chin. Though my computer started beeping at me from some sort of keypress overload :shock:
  9. I lived down in Puerto Rico from 10-13. While I was there, I started falling behind. When we moved back to Texas, we all thought that I'd be able to catch up... but I was lazy with it. >_> By 15, we moved to Florida. At this point, I was at least two full grades behind and couldn't possibly care less. D: Just a few months ago, we came back to Texas again, found the course, signed up, aced it. Now we celebrate! Thanks, oma. I was always sort of worrisome about becoming one of those "I'm a loser because of my past and flip burgers for a living" people. D: But now that's not the case! (It also makes me the first person in my family to graduate... even if it was a little unorthodox. ) As for university, I'm not sure. I definitely want to go. Probably try for a career in web design or graphic arts in general.... The possibilities are endless... again!
  10. You and me both, buddy! xD 5 years of missed schooled made up in a single 3 1/2 hour test. Who knew? :shock:
  11. ^ is right :O < is, indeed, Wither V wants to hear the triumphant tale of <'s escape from the clutches of <'s captors :shock:
  12. Thwaps society with his diploma stating "I won"
  13. You, the casual reader, are probably asking yourself why this is a big deal... To understand, you'll need a short backstory. It all started about 8 years ago. My family had moved to Puerto Rico. Due to the locale, none of the public schools spoke english, and all of the private schools were laughable... So homeschooling become one of the only options. In sixth grade, I began my steady descent. Due to home-based circumstances, I fell severely behind. Soon, the combination of apathy and little to no support ended up with me dropping out of school in the ninth grade. D: Just recently, I signed up for a high school graduate course online. Not a GED, a full diploma I passed with a 3.65 GPA and am an official high school graduate now. :D The competency test they sent out doubled as a final exam apparently. Because that's seriously all I did. According to the school, I did so well on the placement that further schooling was deemed superfluous. And just to say it one more time (because for about 2 years I was almost certain I wouldn't graduate at all).... I graduated February 26, 2008! xD
  14. :shock: I unchildernapped myself like a good childerkin. There's like... very many, new pages in offtopic to read. So I won't. Anything interesting I should know about? Yeah, I wish I had a cool excuse about why I haven't been here... But I don't. Let's just go with video games. ... and ... sleep?
  15. [puts fingers in ears and says "la la la!" over and over again] Well... if you say it to people who base all their information on Disney movies (see: Sword in the Stone), then it makes the statement sound more " :shock: worthy."
  16. I made this long before that handy brick plugin. I did it the 'hard' way and used Grid Maker... then dragged every other one over... --- @ Kreeo - That first one is good! May I suggest playing with the Shape3D light settings a bit though? Because the highlight doesn't stay consistent with the light source.
  17. Oh, I just remembered something. My grandfather's name is Merlin. No joke. How could this tidbit of information slip my mind, you ask? Well, I haven't seem him in roughly ten years. Though I knew his name to be Merlin for quite some time, 'grandpa Merle' was the accepted vernacular. I talked to him again last night and it totally hit me again. Not to mention, when I was five I fell face down on a slide that sent me headfirst into some concrete. That horrible childhood memory actually gave me a unique, almost lightning bolt shaped scar on my forehead... :shock: J.K. Rowling totally based Harry Potter on me. ...Regardless of the fact that she'd probably never been to Texas prior to writing those books. >_>
  18. [45] A&W [50] Arby's [30] Burger King [20] KFC [55] Panda Express [60] Pizza Hut [60] Subway [30] Taco Bell [50] Wendy's --- - Pizza Hut ~ Good stuff... But the Pizza Hut back in Cape Coral had some of the worst service EVAR! + Taco Bell ~ So long as Taco Bell is still alive, all my heal are belong to it. (Again, steak #7. )
  19. Ok, I consider 'on top' as being the first page. I don't think I've ever seen fall to the dark depths of .... Page two. :O >_> (I just realized that I almost always disagree with anything sabrown says. ... It's not intentional! )
  20. Glad to see it worked out... Just to reiterate what you noticed there. The following was all done with an opacity of 80. The top is a quick streak across. The second one down is a slow 'smooth' streak. The bottom is the clone stamp method. What's great about it is that regardless of how quickly you move the brush around, it maintains a consistent softness.
  21. [45] A&W [45] Arby's [30] Burger King [20] Carl's Jr. / Hardee's [30] KFC [55] Panda Express [60] Pizza Hut [70] Subway [35] Taco Bell [50] Wendy's --- - Panda Express ~ Me and Chinese food don't play nice. >_> + Taco Bell ~ Though it seems to be a losing battle now... I'll be supporting Subway soon it seems.
  22. Happy Birthday, Matt!! With his congratulatory post finished, Wither returned to the important stuff that's drawing him away from his beloved forum time. Only to return when there is less work to be done.
  23. Thus making it one of the first options killed off. >_> --- [50] A&W [55] Arby's [40] Burger King [40] Carl's Jr. / Hardee's [35] KFC [30] McDonalds [55] Panda Express [55] Pizza Hut [55] Subway's [50] Taco Bell [50] Wendy's --- - KFC ~ Again, it's just overpriced chicken in the end. + Taco Bell ~ Get a number #7 (w/ steak)... eat it and know life. :shock:
  24. OHMAIGAWD! pyrochild said it so it's true now! Darkshock91 david.atwell rasengan105 Wither --- Anyone else want to join the "middle initial, D" conspiracy?
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