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  1. Edit: drumset1.png

    ^ Click for a version with a transparent backgroun

    I noticed that the kick drum was massive in comparison to the rest of the set. I resized it :)

    With 36 layers and like... 5+ hours of tweaking, this is the longest project I've worked on so far. :D I'm glad you all like it.

    I saved 9 different Shape3D settings for this. Now I can make another one with different colors in about 1/3 of the time.

    I'll start work on better texturing later.


    @ Gladi8or2 - Really cool looking.

    @ TheVoid - The "glow" around the text seems off somehow. Maybe just a little less bright? Good background as usual.

    @ jerkfight - That does look like a vector. Very good. Though the "shore" could use some AA.

  2. I was watching 28 Weeks Later the other day. The violence loving half of me enjoyed watching this from end to end. However, my slightly more rational side thought the same thing I though when I watched the first one.

    Why does the world need a virus like this!?

    Did the government have some extra money in its budget that it simply had to use?

    Government Contact

    Scientist 1

    Scientist 2

    So here's the deal. We have about a few billion dollars that we don't have a use for... any suggestions?

    How about we look into developing a super soil that eats nuclear waste AND solves world hunger by improving crop yield 450% and requires no water.

    I've actually got a sample ri...

    Yeah yeah yeah, that sounds good, I guess... Any other ideas?

    Ok, I've got it! We'll make a highly contagious virus that causes people to go insane and kill everyone else!


    Well, we could... Um... I bet it'd fun to test on monkeys!

    Hmm, I see your point! Forget the lame dirt idea! Let's go with your plan!


    Seriously, I know it's a movie, but I don't recall them ever explaining why such a thing warranted creation.

    So this thread is about trying to identify the odd thought process that scientists must use in horror movies. Or any other movie in general.

  3. I like the 2nd one most

    That was mean. The 4th one is the best now hes gonna feel like hes wasted loads of time and get really upset.

    I Like these forums. I'm not addicted yet. I hope, but I am using them more than I'm actually using PDN. :shock:

    Save me someone.

    It wasn't too mean, just his opinion. Plus, it inspired me to add a lip to the second one.

    Now I'm torn on which one I like better. haha :D


    Compared to

    th_lighter-2.png th_liplighter.png


    Anyway, back on topic:

    When you first thought on your art is whether or not the people on the forums will approve of it.

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