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  1. ****ing awesome! But I won't dl without a translation
  2. Take my revenge. *SuperV falled on toxic wastes* *SuperV revives as a zombie* *SuperV walks... slowly toward HellSpawn* *SuperV walks...* *SuperV activates "Shealth"* *SuperV eats HellSpawn brain* Oh, wait. I fail. HellSpawn doesn't have a brain! And... Ash... You will pay! I present you the... the... FLIP HORIZONTAL!!! :Horiz: Tun tun tun! (i've got great editing skills ^^) Don't take it personally, we're joking!
  3. Wait, I just thought a thing. In your fabric tutorial, shouldn't the bullets destroy the fabric? The circles you made are all black inside, but they should be white, because I don't think the fabric will stop the bullets...
  4. That's almost perfect, but I suggest to add a blur or dents at the interior part of the hole. It looks too clear.
  5. My tutorial : THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVE : 1. :AddNewLayer: Create a new layer. 2. Create a filled black circle. 3. Select another circle around it. 4. Fill the selection around the black circle with a gradient with the background image's colors. 5. Select the black circle again. 6. :FrostedGlass: Apply a 1 or 2 frosted glass. 7. Copy several times the bullet holes. 8. Rotate the bullet holes' layer to make them more realistical. 9. :OilPainting: Apply a oil painting with maximum coarseness and 2 or 3 of brush size. And, that's it!
  6. Oh, sorry, I didn't read your reply to MadJik. Anyway, I posted my result. Feel free to comment.
  7. First of all, I'm new to the forum, but not to the program. I think Paint.NET has got a lot of potential. I'm Vittorio, from Italy, and I'm 13. Looks cool, but why don't you add a 1 or 2 "Frosted Glass" filter on the black circle? --- My result --- I did like MadJik, but without the gaussian blur and with the frosted glass filter. I rotated the layer to fit the bullet holes to the car. I also used oil painting filter.
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