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  1. @ ash..those are great! @someone2016 you really should post smaller images. Thanks for the tut's everyone...ill be putting the image in my sig when im finished...its going to look good now.
  2. That metal is perfect ash. I really appreciate the help. Could you post how you made it? Thanks a lot! PS while you are at it make one for glass. Why arent cracks made that well yet?
  3. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y216/StopSpazzing/de_dust0000.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y216/StopSpazzing/de_dust0001.jpg Would be great if there was a good plugin for this like i said...its very difficult...i tried but boy did it look like you know what.
  4. Yes, that would work fine...could you post steps to recreating them? And is it possible to make them look more like css bullet holes? (dont have to show me) Would appreciate it . Wish it was as simple as a plugin (hint hint). And thanks for the link madjik..all tho looking into it doesnt really help me out (at least for this project)...was looking for bullet holes for my sig im making. Ever since i started using paint.net 2 days ago been trying to read up on tuts to get me started in creating my first sig myself. Ive never had any graphics arts training with any program and these tuts and the support from these forums is really wonderful (from the posts ive read).
  5. Anyone have a good tut how to make bullet holes? Searched forums and couldnt find anything...maybe Im blind :shock:
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