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  1. cool Kc heres what I made with that: (Also if you do: Gradient, Clouds blend mode Overlay, Curves, Crop Then it makes more realistic fire like this: )
  2. I just joined http://Qwiiq.deviantart.com (joined because of this thread)
  3. Me + Clone Stamp = Worst Picture Ever and Me + Croping That Picture = Worst Version Of The Picture Ever sooo.. I was just pointing it out :oops:...
  4. Qwiiq


    Wow Cool Tut! I'm Going To Try It Out Soon. PS: Racingdj08, Do You Go On Club Penguin (I Saw Your Avvy.)
  5. I Just Checked Its Not There.. I'll Go Try To download it Edit: I Figured it out Thanks for trying to help me! (Sorry I'm A N :shock: :shock:
  6. Hi, I Have A Problem I Do Everything it says and I even tried restarting my computer but its not there, please help me. (Ps: I'm Trying to get the water effect if that helps)
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