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  1. Oh, Seerose, those are such beautiful images! Wow!
  2. I like how your new images are so variated! Wow! I love how each image shows different shading techniques. All so beautiful!
  3. I really like the water lilies! The colorful images below it are just fantastic.
  4. Wicked cool work, Seerose. I love that sparkle!
  5. This one could be fun to make a mosaic-like image. Thanks!
  6. Oh...my...goodness! This is perfection!
  7. Barbie, where we live (in the U.S.), maxi skirts are very popular and since I wear only skirts, it's a go-to for me in the summer and fall time. Anyway, the bikes are so amazing! I love how you customized each bike with its own style of design. Nicely done!
  8. I really love that flower--it looks quite realistic. I am tempted to pluck it and smell it. Great work on the diamonds. Goon did a nice job with the tut and you did a nice job following it.
  9. Agggghhhh! THIS IS SOOOO COOL! Thanks, Goon. I shouted in a positive way.
  10. "Simply Love" was the first one that caught my attention because it's pretty and plus, I'm wearing similar colors today--red maxi skirt and white shirt. Nice job on the other two, as well. Your style is so nice!
  11. Oh...my...gosh! So beautiful! Great animation, too! I love dots, by the way.
  12. You make my eyes run in all directions---gorgeous works!
  13. I love the simple tiny animation. You did a superb job on everything else, too.
  14. Agggghhhh! That's so beautiful, Seerose! Gorgeous fractally design!
  15. Ah, such a gorgeous digital piece of art. Wow! The colors are gorgeous as is the design.
  16. Yep, you have a talent. No doubt about that. The lip texture and the eyes are so amazingly well-done! Wow, Pixey!
  17. Eek! I LOVE "The Future Log Cabin!" Also, ditto to what Red said.
  18. Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about--your ideas are endless and beautiful.
  19. Oh my gosh, Red! You're so amazing! It looks like a futuristic city in the sunset! Wow!
  20. Dryda, I really like how you personalize each space scene. The silhouette is a stroke of genius. LOVE how you do that.
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