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  1. That looks really, really good! I would add some darker bits in, as well to create more contrast. Nice job!
  2. I'd love one of these beauties around my neck. I love jewelry and this would be such a perfect statement piece! Wow, Pixey! You should design some jewelry for us women.
  3. I love these simple little shapes you created! And a couple are animated, too! Gee, you're good.
  4. Really beautiful works from you yet again! I really love what you did with Barbie's tutorial. Looks like a magic mirror.
  5. I love mugs and I love the colors and patterns and the setting it's in. Nice work!
  6. Great pencil sketch--I really like the fragility here. To me, it looks like a sketch of a skier with goggles on.
  7. Happy Birthday, Barbie! Best wishes always, my great artist friend!
  8. Minions are such adorable characters and you did a very nice job with them! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I've never seen a live sea urchin. That's one great photo! All your latest works are lovely--there's no denying that you have only polished your craft. Ah, so beautiful!
  10. Hi Markie! Welcome to Paint.NET. I'm a published children's book illustrator and have used Paint.NET for a lot of my illustrations. You'll love it.
  11. Aw...thank you all so sweetly and to Max for starting it all.
  12. Happy Belated birthday, Red Ochre! (Mine was just yesterday--August 3).
  13. Congrats on your latest image being sent to the Galleria! *bows*
  14. Oh...my...gosh....the diamond! How did you do it?! How?! I really like the landscape image you made, too.
  15. Oh, wow! The works are gorgeous! My mind can't wrap around such stunning artistry!
  16. Oh...my...gosh! That's a stunning photo manipulation! Wow! I love the idea of it--looks like a dream.
  17. I agree, it's psychedelic (good word, Max). LOVE the different patterns.
  18. Oh...S T U N N I N G! You did extremely well with your latest images! It's great to see ALL your other works once again.
  19. Skull, Skull, Skull...you're a wondrous person! Such beauties--all of them! A treat for my eyes! I love what you did with the blue-themed planet--all the star cluster around it. So wonderful!
  20. The diamond text with your name is wonderful, Seerose! The lilies and the last one with the very awesome pattern are stunning!
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