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  1. @Julio: Thanks for the lovely visit, Julio! I appreciate your kind words always. @DarkShock: Heeey! How are you? Thank you for the visit and great comment. @Si Borg: That it one of the sweetest things! Where is that blushing smiley? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for such beautiful images! I like the pattern below--it looks like an ancient Persian design. EDIT: I absolutely love what you did with the clock!
  3. It's not a photo manipulation--this is all PDN like the buildings, for example? Really great job on all of this. Incredible!
  4. @Max: I saw the animation and I laughed out loud--literally. It's so cute! Thank you! @Pixey: Aw, Pixey. You always say the sweetest words. @barbie: A HUGE thank you for the compliment. @Seerose: It's a simple little drawing that I did, but it was so much fun. I love glowy and fairy-like things. Thank you.
  5. @Red: I was sitting and drawing a page from the book (I was working on clouds) and then I was looking for a cloud reference image online and saw an image that caught my eye. I decided to recreate it in PDN adding my own touches. Thank you for commenting. @Ishi: Creating something shiny is actually easier than it seems. You should give it a try.
  6. Ishi, I've been doing these shiny glossies for quite some time now so it is practice. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it.
  7. Woah. I haven't posted in a while. I hope you like my new addition--"Fairy Clouds." Posted on the first page.
  8. Oh, what pretty flowers! The first image looks like an oil painting. Ah, so perfect.
  9. Great work, Seerose! The flag looks great animated.
  10. That's a great technique, Ishi using Frosted Glass and Glass Effects.
  11. Oh, wow! LOVELY autumn pic! Superb composition. The leaves strewn over the table is a nice touch.
  12. Pixel art is a sucker to do and let me tell you...wow! It's so cute and the animation is just perfect!
  13. I really love your animated flower images! Great work!
  14. Aww...your latest ones are soooo pretty! All so superb!
  15. The bug that you did looks like a scarab and looks very much like something barbie would do. She's a great artist, so it's a compliment! Love the watch! For some reason, the sacrificing image reminded me of Indiana Jones and one of the movies with sacrifice (forgot the title).
  16. Beautiful! Mind-exploding pieces of work!
  17. ALL very beautiful works! Welcome aboard! Paint.NET is a great place to showcase your talent.
  18. That looks really, really good! I would add some darker bits in, as well to create more contrast. Nice job!
  19. I'd love one of these beauties around my neck. I love jewelry and this would be such a perfect statement piece! Wow, Pixey! You should design some jewelry for us women.
  20. I love these simple little shapes you created! And a couple are animated, too! Gee, you're good.
  21. Really beautiful works from you yet again! I really love what you did with Barbie's tutorial. Looks like a magic mirror.
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