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  1. Yep, exactly Rick. It's not a problem for me to do that. Much easier than the tool not working at all.
  2. Still not working...I downloaded the Visual C++, too. I really need to get PDN working--have to finish 15 pages of the book by January 26 and the line tool is what I use most.
  3. I have Window 64-bit and had all the updates installed.
  4. My PDN got updated and when I went to use the line tool, it just shows the nubs but no actual line. I restarted the computer several times and installed the updates, etc. Nothing, however, seems to work. Not sure why.
  5. The line tool is not working. I restarted PDN several times, but nothing works.
  6. Very nice job on the Glossy Galaxy Ball Tutorial! Wow! I love the angel images, too!
  7. We did secret gift giving with my sisters. I had my second oldest sister (we have six girls in the family and five boys). I gave her: -Moccassins -Hair brush straightener -Pens (for grading) -Candy -Pretty cool water bottle -Sweater poncho -Starbuck's gift card -A bunch of other things I don't remember -Money
  8. Oh, hey there! Nice to look at your works! I do most of my work using Paint.NET, as well, and I am a children's book illustrator. I've been using PDN for more than seven years now. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Aaaahhh! The shapes are so nice! Wow! I love the water image, too. Very, very beautiful!
  10. Oh, barbie, the flowers with the pink background are marvelous!
  11. I love the pink candle with the smoke effect. Really neat!
  12. Wow, barbie. That is just beautiful. The pink-colored flowers are magical--great placement of the heart, too.
  13. Very true! "Unending" is such a great word to use for your images that you create. You're awesome!
  14. The orchid is a really beautiful image! Very nice!
  15. The sword in the stone is absolutely perfect! I also like the lighthouse and the boat and how it's from a different view. Ah, summer. Miss it so much! Nice job on the summer image. Brings back such warmth.
  16. Oh, oh! The birdies and the flowers are just so precious! Awww!
  17. I looked at the image in amazement. It brought me to that place you created. Wow. Very nice!
  18. Your work reminds me so much of Welshblue's. Such fantastic work from you! The radio...looks perfect. The meshy part is amazing!
  19. Oh, that's a very nice creation! The hearts have a very unique texture. It reminded me of mercury. I really like the animation, too. Nice job! Looking forward to seeing more
  20. So sorry I haven't commented on your earlier works. Limon, you're very talented. I just love the flower ball! Wow!
  21. All I can say is that all entries were amazing, amazing, amazing!
  22. @Julio: Thanks for the lovely visit, Julio! I appreciate your kind words always. @DarkShock: Heeey! How are you? Thank you for the visit and great comment. @Si Borg: That it one of the sweetest things! Where is that blushing smiley? Thank you!
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