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  1. @Ego Eram Reputo: *blushing smiley* Thank you so much.
  2. Funny thing is that I would wear a dress like that, but more covered chest area.
  3. I say, post them all, Pixey! Really, your work is just beautiful!
  4. Oh...my...gosh! I love bling! And to see a blingy perfume bottle...to die for! Wow! Wow! Wow!
  5. @Pixey: Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I still love my glowing, glossy, and magical things that I love to create. And singing, well, it keeps me sane. @Max: Oh, Max. You listened? Thanks! @Red Ochre: Thank you so, so much! @lynxster4: I try to sing from my heart. Thank you for your kind words. I sing mostly for fun. @barbie: Hugs to you, too, barbie. @seerose: I had this image in my head and I wanted to recreate it. It was actually pretty easy. Thank you!
  6. @barbie: Oh, barbie, of course I remember! I liked how it came out, too. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a compliment. Right now, I only try to do things that are therapeutic, which includes singing. A sample of it is in the link below. @Max: Aw, thanks. That's really of sweet of you to say that. A sample of my singing, which I do almost every day. I might've mentioned it on here, but I definitely did on DA that I have always loved musical theater. https://www.wurrly.com/wurrly/358989
  7. I created another fun piece in Paint.NET. Didn't take me long and was quite therapeutic. Only art can do that.
  8. Heeeyy! Great to you on here again!
  9. Absolutely fantastic, Limon! Really, really great texture. I love the cat's eyes. That evil creature!
  10. Oh, wow! These are wicked cool spheres! Nice job!
  11. I like the effect you made for the photos. Very nice!
  12. Max, you're so sweet! Thank you! Loved the animated bears.
  13. Limon, thank you! @barbieq: Aw, barbie, I accept all those hugs! Thank you!
  14. @Red Ochre: I had the symptoms of it since I was 13, but the doctors kept telling me I was healthy until recently. I also had issues with my legs since I was 7 or 8, so I might've even had it then. Who knows. I finally had the chance to get the MRI and that was pretty scary. I mean, I knew all along I had some kind of nerve issue, but it wasn't official, you know? But yeah, life is life. That's my burden. And thank you, King Ochre.
  15. I agree, those are very nice sigs! Congrats on your award, too!
  16. I posted this on DA, but about two weeks ago, I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It's a milder form and not as severe as my brother's, but MS is MS. It's full of unhappy surprises.
  17. Skull, it's all fun. Believe me. Congrats on all your awards!
  18. Pixey, congrats to you! Missed you on here! And Red Ochre, I'm taking a bow.
  19. The Heart Pendants, oh my gosh! So beautiful! And the optical illusions...Yowza!
  20. That's a really neat idea, Jim! And oh my gosh! You're here!
  21. Pixey, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! May it be filled with true happiness!
  22. Cute teddy and I just love the flower wrapped in the golden frame. Wow!
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