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  1. Pixey, pixey, Pixey! What a talented woman you are! Missed you! And wow! You haven't lost your magic touch, at all. Wow!
  2. @Pixey It's actually Hong Kong--one of the places in Kowloon. Thank you! Missed you Pixey!! @Woodsy Oh, I love detail. It's very time-consuming for books especially, but it pays off in the end. Thank you!! And thank you for leaving such kind words. New image posted...dedicated to my PDN friends!! A new glossy I made. The flowers are a photo I took of. And @Ego Eram Reputo thank you again for everything!
  3. @Ego Eram ReputoAww...you made me smile so. I posted a page from my book. Almost 100% Paint.NET, except for the people. This is proof that I am still drawing with Paint.NET. Mostly PDN, actually.
  4. @Ego Eram Reputo Oh, thank you! How? When?! Aww...miss you all on here. @Collagemaster Thank you! Definitely post some of your work! Don't be shy.
  5. Aw, I'm really sorry about that. I don't go to the forums much any more. I know that the links are probably not working...I apologize for that.
  6. What a beautiful wallpaper! Wooow! Barbie, this is just so scenic and perfect!
  7. Oh, woooweee! That all looks realistically amazing, Pixey! Wow!
  8. Wow, Pixey! The globe is just out-of-this-world!!!!!
  9. Limon, thank you for your wonderful words! @DarkShock: Missed you! Thanks for the visit and for leaving a lovely compliment.
  10. OH MY GOSH, PIXEY!!! (And yes, I am yelling this). What a beautiful, gorgeous, and perfect portrait! I love the sweater texture! I love the eyes, Taylor's expression....Wow!
  11. Aggghhh! That's sooooo pretty! Really nice job on this!
  12. Oh, Seerose. The images are just so splendid. The boat looks so mysterious. The sketch-like images look really nice as if they were hand-drawn. Niiice!
  13. Aw, Seerose, I love what you made with my avatar. Thank you! I love your latest creation, too! So bright!
  14. Woaaah! Great new designs! I agree that you're quite the artist. LOVE, LOVE your new signature!
  15. Oh, what a beautiful hear! Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friend!
  16. Wow! These new images are all very nice! I especially like the floral design. It seems to be have a very light texture. Ah, so beautiful!
  17. Oh, wow, Limon! LOVE the plumage! Incredible work!
  18. I love the notebook paper, Seerose! The designs below it are just as wonderful!
  19. The perfume bottle is just so precious! I, too, bet it smells great!
  20. @Ego Eram Reputo: *blushing smiley* Thank you so much.
  21. Funny thing is that I would wear a dress like that, but more covered chest area.
  22. I say, post them all, Pixey! Really, your work is just beautiful!
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