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  1. You've got good stuff. I love the rays (how'd you do them?) and the little animal on the grass (hedgehog/porcupine). Could you please post some tuts?
  2. Awesome work! How'd you do that bowl on the table? Any tips? But about your work, I like seeing your tuts and posts. Keep it up!
  3. I love the space scapes you made. Very nice!!!
  4. I like your style. Maybe you could do a few tuts for us? Great work. Purely awesome.
  5. It looks like you can work as a Graphics Art designer. I love your work! Perfect and proportional.
  6. I love your PDN work! Purely awesome. How'd you do the very first picture you have shown? How'd you do that "trail?" Can't wait to see more from you!
  7. Wow.....I just can't believe my eyes. I love that chemistry thing that you did. Your work is just purely awesome. Keep it up and I hope to see more from you!
  8. Great work. I like the web templates you made; very clever!
  9. I like the last image you made, the one with the stars. It's so nice! How'd you do the stars? Did you just use the "Stars" effect and then just pasted it over and over again? Very, very nice work.
  10. Pyjo, all I can say is that you have a great imagination. Your pictures are sooo cool!! I can't wait to see more from you!
  11. Wow! Great wallpapers! I really enjoyed viewing your artwork. Oh and by the way, how'd you do that ray thingy behind the girl? It's looks great!
  12. HELEN


    Hey Ash! You're awesome. I like going to your site once in a while and see what you've done. Maybe you could post a few more tuts?
  13. Thanks. Also, do you think it would matter if I change the pixel size, like using centimeters instead of inches?
  14. I tried saving it as a .jpeg, but it didn't look good. So, maybe I'll just save it in Windows 2007 PowerPoint.
  15. I'm not sure if this was asked (I coulnd't find it), but under which filename should I save my images to achieve the best effect? I have Microsoft 2000 (my old computer) and when I insert the PDN image in PowerPoint, which is saved as .png, it comes out dotted and doesn't have that nice gradient to it. On Microsoft Vista, however, it retains that nice effect. I need this for a project and I want the best results. Suggestions?
  16. Thanks! I guess I just won't worry about it. I'm not alone. Thanks for the links.
  17. No, the forum. Sorry, I should've been more specific. But yes, the forum won't turn on sometimes. Not sure if something's wrong from my house or maybe I something I should do. Please help.
  18. When I try to go on Paint.NET in the daytime the page cannot open. I use the Internet Explorer browser. Did someone else notice this? I thought it was just on one computer, but I checked on other two computers I have at home and PDN didn't work. I checked back at 6:00 p.m., paint.NET started working again. Is something wrong with my computers or what? I'm confused as what is wrong with PDN. Suggestions?
  19. I did everything in PDN except for the treasure chest.
  20. Everything's with PDN except for the treasure chest. I have to fix the rock on the right, but that's for later. Please tell me what you think.
  21. I already downloaded that, but I don't know how to really use it. Could someone please tell me?
  22. I want to learn how to make rays like this person's in the the pictorium: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1072&p=153672&hilit=how+to+make+rays#p153672, but I don't know how.
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