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  1. This a Plugin Pack With 18 Plugins Created by Various Different Paint.NET Users. It Contains The Following Plugins For Paint.NET: >Anti-Alias v1.5 >Barcode Plugin >Borders N' Shapes >CodeLab >Diagonal Lines v1.2 >Ed Harvey Effects Pack I >Ed Harvey Egregious Effects >Feather 2007 >Frosted Glass + >Jitter + >Outline Object >Polar Rect >HD Photo FileType (Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0) >Icon And Cursor FileType >Shape 3D >Sharpen + >Water Reflection 2007 >Zoom Blur Deluxe v_0.2 This Will Automatically Install These Plugins Into Paint.NET, You must Restart Paint.NET For Them To Take Effect. This Insataller Was Created by Hefem, None Of These Plugins Were Created By Hefem ,Just Bundled Together. This Is Something i made for newer Paint.NET Users and its nice for getting a lot of good plugins. This Will Put all the plugins into the Paint.NET Install Folder in there proper places. Download Link:Paint.NET Plugins Pack Feel Free to comment Hefem
  2. EDIT: Image too big getting new one
  3. looks nice , i will try when i have some free time
  4. looks nice , i will try when i have some free time
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