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  1. thanks a lot for this great tut! used it to make the navigation menu for my website: nice easy tut with a great result!
  2. thx a lot! Didn't think of the firefox option, i had a suspicion there was something wrong with the search, big pity cos it is used a lot by newbies i think! thanks a lot! :wink:
  3. hi, I have been looking for the 'filmstrip' tutorial i've used a few months ago, but can't find it anywhere i've added a example of what i did with it a few months ago, i forgot how to do the last steps so i would like to fiind 'the old' topic back! In attachment i added the one i made a few months ago (the buttons weren't included in that tutorial, it's for a website) many thanks in advance, Stan
  4. really nice tut! just love the examples spongey made, great Art!
  5. thanks for the explanation, nice plugin!