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  1. Things I think my older kids could do in Paint.NET (they're 6 and 8 ) :

    1. Use paintbrush and color palette, and draw a picture. Then run cool effects on the picture, like dents, frosted glass, bulge, etc.

    2. Using 2 fun colors, use the clouds effect. Make a new layer, and draw something fun.

    3. Open a preexisting picture and run the Shape 3D plugin to make shapes.

    4. Follow the "Scratch Its" tutorial

    Good luck!

  2. First Name: Angela

    Location: Iowa

    Age: 32 (am I one of the oldest people here??)

    Occupation: SAHM (former technical writer)

    Hobbies: music, reading, gardening, Paint.NET, World of Warcraft

    Favorite tech item: my widescreen monitor

    Favorite and most despised software: World of Warcraft for both...I love it but can't put it down

    Favorite and most despised games: I really like card games and Pictionary

    Favorite and most despised movies: Favorite: Star Treks, Ever After (other chick flicks); Most Despised: anything with vampires

    Favorite and most despised television series: Favorite: if I say Survivor, will I be boo'ed off the forum? Most Despised: any Judge Judy type show

    Favorite and most despised band, song and music genre: Favorite: folk guitar, like Nick Drake, Dave Calandra, any classical trumpet by Wynton Marsalis. Most Despised: I like elements in almost all music

    What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? gardening

    If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where there would be no expense to you, where would you go and what would you do? take my kids hiking through Yellowstone National Park?

    Name one person, who in your opinion, is a hero or role-model: Corrie tenBoom

  3. Okay. There is a room with no windows. Inside this room are 3 lightbulbs. Outside the room, 3 switches that activate these lightbulbs. You can do whatever you want with the switches, but how can you tell which switch activates which lightbulb by going in and checking the room only once?

    (No leaving the door open or any tricks.)

  4. Yeah, you're going to have to take multiple screenshots, and put them into some kind of .gif animator. I agree that it'd be easier to find a place with a smoother, less busy background if you can.

    I've tried something similar with World of Warcraft, which I assume is similar to Neverwinter Nights. There is actually a program out there called WoWModelViewer, that has all the objects/characters/armor sets from WoW and renders them for you, and even animates them on any background you choose (including transparent.) You can customize the render to make it match your character. Depending on the popularity of your game, there may be something out there like WoWModelViewer, which would make your life a LOT easier.

    I find that grabbing screenshots in-game do not make the best image files, so you may end up a little disappointed with your gif's quality.

    Good luck though, and be sure to show us the end result!