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  1. It really depends on what audience you're targeting. If your audience is tech savvy, you can even go for 1000+, because they'll probably use 19"+ screens. If your audience is in the middle, like high school people, 900 will be ideal, due to small laptops, and wrong resolution screens. If you're making a website for knitting fans (70+), fire up Lynx or Netscape and prepare it for 640x480 Best thing to do is of course base it on audience, but if you have a real general audience, try optimizing it for high resolutions, but collapse menu's when confronted with resolutions <=1024x768. In reality <800x600 isn't a viable thing to aim for, as it seriously maims your graphic solutions, and there's only 3 or 4 people using it.
  2. Neither did I, but crying myself to sleep at night got easier after the first few weeks, so I don't mind all that much now.I've learned to love life, not hate it. The absence of that thread nearly made me kill myself... But then I realized that the world needs my awesomeness! So I put away the knife, and returned to my daily duties... I do cry though. Every single second of my life.
  3. RANT: I didn't get a Happy Birthday thread...
  4. I don't know... This motherboard seems to lack enough RAM slots. Are you sure this is a good buy? I mean, there's only 16 places. What if you wanted 34GB?
  5. We never have tornado warnings. No earthquake warnings either... The worst warning we have is "icy road" ... Even if there would be a tsunami in the atlantic, Great Britain would hold it off.
  6. I just got Spore. Yes, I have the manual right here in my hands... And it smells fresh, oh-so fresh... *maniacal laugh* Seriously though, this ought to be a great game. The installer is taking its time, but I will be playing in a few minutes, and then the ultimate carnage can begin! :twisted:
  7. On the original topic: I can only think this is blatant marketing. And on Obama: "Gosh I'm so tired of devise exchange, and I've got one or two things to say about change Like the change we must change to the change we hold dear. I really like change, have I made myself clear?" He ought to use some synonyms... Let's hope he does.
  8. I voted the first option. Chrome has completely won me over. http://i38.tinypic.com/xp7ou1.png ^Screenshot^ The tabs are intuitive, great Javascript support, and ofcourse the multi process tabs is assuring. Also, Fluctu is working right out of the box, something which cannot be said about IE...
  9. I thought it was #000. It is the very same thing. #000 is just a shortened version of the six digited original, which is obviously less usable.
  10. Nice monitor and speakers, but the keyboard and mouse seem very out of place. The mouse looks heavy too...
  11. Interesting... All the Windows XP's I ever installed and worked with came with DXdiag... Either way, he could've said it was, for example a Dell Dimension 1300 (I think that's a laptop...)
  12. Wow, such details. Do you by any chance know the number on the box it came in, or did they unpack it for you and stuck it in a generic, locked case while you were at work, blocking all websites with hardware detection software like Everest, and even windows' own DXDiag and Computer Properties :o I feel terribly sorry for you. Do you even know if it's a laptop or a desktop, for that matter? If you want to be cool, know your hardware, and lose the sunglasses. I feel your post could be qualified as spam.
  13. Granted, you feel a lot better now. But while you're still in the hospital, doctors discover you have acquired a radiation disease, and do you know what happens to people with radiation diseases? I wish my computer parts had been ordered earlier, so that they'd arrive in time for my birthday.
  14. Your thread title seems somewhat generic, please read Rule 6 of the forum rules, and change the title accordingly to prevent having this thread locked. For your question, there are a few reasons: 1: Forumer won't allow you to acces their server to hack the PHPBB forum stuff. 2: It'd take centuries to code. (That's programmer talk for weeks.) 3: PDN files aren't the smallest sort, and we want to keep the people with low bandwidth to go on here without having to plough through 200mb of pictures. On top of that, for transparency, you can always use 32bit PNGs.
  15. I've gotta admit that he a has a point there... the color wheel is quite enormous, and I for one never use it. I mostly select a color from my pallet and adjust it from there. If multicolor gradients are built in, I think a system like the Photoshop alternative is apporpiate, but not as huge. More like the alpha bar (or the RGB/HSV ones) about 2-3 times as long.
  16. If you are going to natively implement brushes, to select the brush you want to start with. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but perhaps also a default prim/sec colour picker.
  17. I just tried the old feather in 3.36. It does some freaky stuff, but I love the effect! Perhaps you could make it into a separate plug in... Outline lines?
  18. http://www.alternate.de/html/product/No ... k+2%2C1GHz Very German With ATI "grafikkarte", Dual core processor, and <1000€ --- In other news, I updated my project website (From now on called "Fluctu") with a comments section and a preview of the code. This is supposed to get some CC in to continue with it.
  19. Also, why take a laptop if you want a separate GFX card of that price? You can get a 9800GTX+ or a 4850 for that money. If that's the money you are willing to spend on the full laptop, you should be thinking Eee PC, not something with a really deluxe graphics card.
  20. Granted. However, you lose all your school friends, and fail to get a job because of insufficient education, and you land up living in the sewers. And all that while you were destined to find the cure for cancer. Thanks.
  21. Congrats CMD! I see you even have a blogpost up on it http://cmdsketchpad.com/blog/perma.php?postid=13
  22. RANT: I'm about 250 kilometers away from home, and my at home decided to stop working. This means that I can't connect to my PC via Logmein, and can't work here... Did anybody already download my parser package so I can work on it here? It would be a great a help... EDIT: Never mind, the connection is fixed.
  23. Yes, Paint.NET can be used to make/edit the image of the map. Paint.NET will not make the code for for you, however. What I would recommend is getting the Adobe/Macromedia Flash CS3 demo, and make the map there, as it's much simpler to do since you've got 50 states to work with, which is a large amount, and not very doable on your level of web development.
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