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  1. I just wanna thank you first, pyrochild, becuase I have recently come to appreciate how amazing some of these are. Secondly, are you considering updating Random Shape Fill in the future? I love it, really, its so useful, but I thought it would be cool if you could do extra stuff with it, like picking glyphs from a font to fill with. Another thing that would be useful is the ability to 'stay inside' a curved selection, but I realise this is very hard to do
  2. No, I do know what I am talking about. And if I could generate example images, I wouldn't be requesting the feature. Sorry if that sounded short, but I get the feeling that you don't understand me: In all combine modes, pixels from that layer and the composite of the layers below are subjected to a function - for example, in Multiply mode, the pixel values are multiplied. For overlay mode, the value is obtained via a slightly more complex formula; usually something like: if a < 128 then result := (a* else result := 255 - ((255-a) * (255- However, this will return different images based on which layer, a or b, is placed on top. A Symmetric overlay is calculated by generating the image both ways round and averaging them. I could do this in CodeLab, except for the fact it _should_ be a combine mode rather than an effect.
  3. Possibly you misunderstood me. Symmetric overlay is a combine mode, and nothing to do with image symmetry.
  4. I have searched this forum, and nobody seems to have mentioned a symmetric overlay function, so I thought I would: I find it highly useful and would love for it to be implemented, though whether as an effect plugin or a proper combine mode I don't know. In case you don't know, a symmetric overlay is an overlay that is identical irrelevant of layer order, which I find quite useful. It is just an average, like (overlay(a,+overlay(b,a))/2 I suppose symmetric implementations for other combine modes are possible too, though I have only ever seen overlay elsewhere.
  5. Hehe, yeah, but thats not the kinda operation that many (or any) existing batch image editors have.
  6. I downloaded and tried that, and many other things, but the root of the problem is that paint.net has such excellent (and still increasing) functionality that most of these programs can't compete. For this specific project, the only tool I would use in paint.net is the increase canvas size one, but I can see the need in the future for something that can do more complex stuff, like replace the alpha channel with white, and suchlike.
  7. Having downloaded microsoft's resize pictures powertoy for XP, (which functions as a shell menu extension for images, allowing you to resize all selected images simply and easily), I then discovered i needed to do more than just resizing, but with this same multiple file support. Either by using codelab or by writing a macro recording function into paint.net , or something like that, could this be feasible in the future? Any way in which the same action can be applied to mulitple files without having to open each one individually would be very handy, I think.