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  1. The one you use for your avatar is AWESOME! slight off topic question, why Mr. Whiskers?
  2. Thanks so much! I've actually had paint.net for a while, but was a bit reluctant to post the things I have made because I want to make sure they're all polished enough and worth showing the world..
  3. :!: Omgosh, I'm such a Zelda freak too! And I totally love your artwork!!! THe second on is totally something I would like to see as a logo or something, and the first one you did a great job with the falling rain. Keep showing your images, they are the coolest. Edit: I just saw it was your birthday... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  4. I think your abstract things are ridiculously cool! It'd be interesting to see what other things you can do also. I'm guessing you enjoy the Polar Inversion tool?
  5. Woohoo, I finally got unlazy enough to post some of my work. I'm a sort of newbie, so please be nice! ^ that is a picture of a rose I took, and then made the background black and white, and recolored the rose because I wanted the rose to stand out more, and the background was ugly and filled with decaying leaves and stuff... so I also gausion blurred the background. OH, and using a raindrop/waterdrop tut, I added a couple of water drops on it, but they're not exactly that noticeable.. and i have a few more actually interesting and recently made things coming later, like tomorrow or something... so, please comment or whatever!!! I enjoy feedback, and if there is any way you think i could improve these please do tell because I would love to make my graphics better!!!!! UPDATE :*January 28*: I have been tinkering around a bit with my laptop and it has this really cool inspiron background, so i thought, hey? why can't i create that with MY name?! so i did!!! anyways, here are my attempts: ~Keitrajane~
  6. THe ColOrS... Just kidding. I tinkered a lot and didn't exactly follow it, and here is what I got. It looks like on of those things where you drip paint on a paper while the thingy twirls it, like the ones little kids play with... Very nice tut!
  7. Okay, my first was better, but this is for a party I have to do so I will post this one..
  8. ha. i tried the free trial for Jasc animation but Gif animator is better... and free. SEE MY UGLY ATTEMPT AT AN ANIMATION:
  9. Thank you very much...
  10. here is my result- i took the photograph a few days ago and this thread gave me somehting to do with it! yay! Wallace- did you do the gausion blur thing????
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