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  1. she done that and she still doesnt get it
  2. ty for your quick answer but that doesnt work ~>
  3. Hey uhm.. i have a little problem.. i done it like cjmcguinness in his tut explained.. 1st i made a new image (800 x 600) 2nd i made the elipse (400 x 400 pixels) 3rd i clicked on 'Image' then 'Crop to Selection' and here starts my problem ~> pic 4th changed secondary color to transparent 5th clicked on 'Image' again and then 'Canvas Size' selected 'by percentage' and changed the 100% to 125% (ya ya.. i clicked on 'Middle' too ) ok.. and here goes my problem: :'( can someone plz tell me what im doing wrong? (sorry if those pics are too big)
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