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  1. Hi Myrddin I think I see what you mean where the picture at the end of the title bar is there seems to be a slight difference in tone didn't notice it up til now thanx. :wink: And my girlfriend thinks it looks 8) so far. The design I am going for is simple (too not distract to much from what is being advertised) nothing to do with the attention span of a girl :wink:. As for your comment about the F.A.Q button usedHONDA we have to provide information about frequently ask questions to ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS :wink: (no offence intended )
  2. Hi Everybody my first post on the pictorium as requested by Myrddin just some graphics for a web page project I am in the middle of completing for my girfriend if you have any (constructive) sugestions about how to improve what I've done so far your input would be welcomed. The first image is the title for the site This will be the menu bar This is an example of one of the menu buttons and this is an example of one of the site navigation buttons preaty basic stuff I know but I am just learning as I go. I didnt even think it was possible for me to do something this basic until I f
  3. Chears Thanks for the info and the welcome just started using paint.net in the last few months. Its the coolest 8) free program I have ever found. For a newbee it is easy to get the hang of and you can start making professional looking graphics almost straight away (made my sig and avatar in p.n). And with a few plugins it can kick any one's < no swearing >. :twisted:
  4. Hi every body just a quick question for my first post I'm building a website for my girlfriend :oops: (as you can imagine a lot of Pink is in use) and I wanted to know if there is some graphics I can use to reference paint.net as the program I used to create the website. Or should I just use some home made stuff? If you want to see the finished product you will have to wait a while as I have a job & a baby :shock: so I dont get a lot of time to do anything interesting now a days (should i sart to play a violin now :wink: )
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