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  1. I had 10000+ fonts and it was really a pain so I had too delete a whole bunch of my fonts.
  2. Please use search and read the stickies. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3455 Sorry forgot to search . Here is the brushes which I saved each layer as a PNG file. http://www.bestsharing.com/files/TKvQ0325879/Plants.zip.html
  3. I can't open them in paint .NET but I can install a photoshop demo and convert it to a pdn file. One more question is Paint .NET every going to have custom brushes?
  4. Here is this what your wanting? All I did was pump up the saturation and add some blur to clean it up.
  5. What about the APNG you cant use it in paint .NET at the moment and its extension is .PNG but its animated I say its a better method than the MNG file format because its backwards compatible with almost all PNG viewers.
  6. Ok SWF APNG and GIF animation would be a great Idea bundled together but because most forums do not allow SWF files for avatars and such so the APNG has its use there but why not support all 3 formats each has its advantage.
  7. Me too I want an APNG editor thats out side of the Mozilla Firefox I am thinking about coding an app outside of Paint .NET but not really sure where to begin.
  8. come on APNG is a better format than MNG and no one here knows nothing about the APNG format.
  9. well I was experimenting with Mozilla's APNG make and love it compared to the old gif I think an APNG is better than the MNG. The reason i am wondering is because I know C++ still a newbie with it but was wondering if any knew any thing about the APNG format because I was thinking about trying to make an APNG editor and was then going to try and integrate it into paint .NET.
  10. I was thinking about the APNG file format thinking how much better it is compared the old GIF and was wondering like how hard it would be for paint .NET's developers to integrate this into paint .NET also with the ability to edit and make animated GIF's.
  11. Hmm well I don't see any reason why I couldn't make a c++ plug in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 then.
  12. Ok I am not seeing any thing that deals with C++ just C sharp. I know I can make a plug in is basically any language but what about C++ something that gives me an understanding how plug ins work exactly.
  13. Edit Some one with more coding experience possibly could make it.
  14. Hi every one probably as you have noticed I am new around here. I have a few questions first what are some very useful plugins that should be a must for Paint.NET. Also what is antialiasing exactly from my understanding it deals with transparency and how do I disable antialiasing. Any replies are greatly appreciated.
  15. I am glad I downloaded the free version when I did about a year ago, but now i got a newer version.
  16. check mine out 31 frames and please don't let this be any ones fate don't mind its slopyness only did it in 9 minutes or so.
  17. How do I disable antialiasing???
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