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  1. Well I tell me what you think? Also Pyrochild you should go to Glacier national park its a real pretty place I live about 55 miles away from it.
  2. I don't know but it works like a charm even if I make a text file with batch commands into such as delete it lets you know and when you go to download a file and if it has a virus in it asks you this file contains blah blah virus do you want to continue, never gave any problems and it got pc magazine top 100 best products of 2007 so probably and in incapability or something.
  3. #BANG!# *Sparkle* Your wish has been granted that you can turn rocks into Diamonds but you accidentally turn the moon into a Diamond and all the rocks on Earth into diamonds and you die because a lack of minerals in the world. I wish I had Infinite wishes and each went exactly like I intended.
  4. fix won't work because of one vowel. it needs 2 or 3, and since break was mine I am not posting anything Back to break
  5. #BANG!# *Sparkle* Your wish is granted to have more wishes but each will go horribly wrong. I wish I could do any thing.
  6. #BANG!# *Sparkle* All the My Space Spammers Die but once you spammed a profile so you die too. I wish I could bend Time and Space and make my own dimension.
  7. Dang it ok here. Waking > Out Out like out cold
  8. Song Name: Next Contesant Artist: NickelBack Album: All The Right Reasons Where: http://www.pandora.com Song Length: 3:30
  9. *Bang Sparkle* You get your wish for the moon to not appear so many times in Google earth but to do so the moon falls out of the sky and kills every one. I wish I was a God.
  10. Song Name: Forgotten Artist : Linkin Park Album : Hybrid Theory
  11. First of its not walking because it has and l in it so it wouldn't work with sleep so its waking. Heres mine Waking > Drugged
  12. Bang *sparkles* you get your wish and the customers go away but only because your surrounded by brain eating zombies. I wish I was an Alchemist.
  13. sandpaper has and r in it and so dough rough and so dose brittle
  14. I wasn't sure if I should post it there because I am asking which is better and if this was a bad idea I'll just ask a mod and see what they say :?
  15. Which banner do you think is better? Banner 1 Banner 2 If there is any problems with please lock it, I don't want any problems.
  16. Download and Install Microsoft frame work 3.0. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=10CC340B-F857-4A14-83F5-25634C3BF043&displaylang=en
  17. Heres a screen shot of where I back up my fonts 10,688 fonts
  18. Well you can put all the scans and put them on a big canvas and move each piece till it looks right.
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